How To Choose The Best Bookmaking Solution?

The old way to run a bookie business was carrying pens, papers or notepads to write down all the bets and then relying such information to issue payouts after the sports events finish. Such manual handling process could cause any kind of human errors and make harder to track all the betting activities from your players. 

However, the life becomes much easier nowadays thanks to the technology. It’s now available to manage all your players’ sports betting activities through an easy bookmaking solution. In this article, we prepared some key points for you to learn how to choose the best bookmaking solution for your bookie business.

These are the characteristics that the best bookmaking solution must have:

  • The updated latest online services features: to ensure the maximum efficiency of the website.
  • The capacity to receive bets via mobile devices: to provide the major convenience for the bettors to place the bets anywhere and anytime.
  • The enormous variety of betting options: to cover the major fun interests for all the players.
  • The latest technology systems: to guarantee the sharpest and speedy betting line.
  • Live betting feature is a plus: to be able to bet while the game is going on.
  • Detailed reports: to provide the sports statistics and allow bookie agents to monitor the betting history of their clients.  
  • Skilled customer support staff: to assist both bookie agents and players on all kinds of queries or lines setting. 
  • Live chat: to maintain the efficiency of communication.
  • Email: to deal with all customers’ requests with care.
  • Secure connection: to protect all users’ information from the hackers and the vulnerability of data stolen.
  • Contact phone number: to provide the fast and direct communication for all needs. 


In sum, if you can find a Pay Per Head solution fitting with all these characteristics mentioned above, congratulations now you can manage your bookie business easily like a piece of cake!

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay