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Over/Under Blog: Fight Night Saturday Night

Welcome to a new feature on Price Per Head, The Over/Under Blog!

We’ll tackle weird sports headlines, drop gems from the gambling department, and keep you entertained along the way.

This week’s edition is all about the UFC 261!

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Over/Under: Watching UFC In a Crowded Bar

It’s been said that the most popular sport in the world is actually boxing. The saying goes, if a pickup basketball game randomly starts being played during a night out, people don’t stop what they’re doing and watch it. If two strangers decided to settle their differences over a football game, people don’t typically take pictures of it and post it to their social media. But when people break out into fights, the world stops whatever it’s doing and starts paying attention. This is why we’re taking the OVER for watching UFC in a crowded bar. Fights are better in groups and if you disagree, meet me outside with a baseball glove.

Over/Under: Watching UFC By Yourself

Now imagine turning into UFC Fight Night all by yourself. Nobody to head nod towards, not a soul available for a high-five. It’s just you, your screen, and some very strong people who fight for a living fighting for their lives. Some would argue UFC is built to be consumed by mobs of people at once, loud groans between heavy hits that sound as deep as the hits themselves. But you’ll learn a lot about yourself from watching a UFC event alone. Do you wince when nobody’s watching? Are you fist pumping at yourself in the mirror? We’re making a contrarian play here and siding with the OVER. Treat yourself to a little “me time,” in the form of a bathtub and a UFC pay-per-view.

Over/Under: Watching UFC at Home With Your Family

This might be where we draw the line. Good luck convincing the fam that in lieu of the new Disney+ offering or game night, you’re subjecting the whole crew to UFC. No choice but to pound the UNDER on this one.

Enjoy the fight, everyone.


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