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Over/Under Blog: The Almost Playoffs

Welcome to a new feature on Price Per Head, The Over/Under Blog!

We’ll tackle weird sports headlines, drop gems from the gambling department, and keep you entertained along the way.

Over/Under: Hedging Your Futures Pick Before the Playoffs Start

Took a chance and have the Pelicans making the playoffs? You were convinced the Coyotes would be a Stanley Cup contender? It’s not too late for you to bust out the magic eraser and become a hedging machine. You might want to bust out the chalkboard and a couple dozen calculators while you’re at it – this might be a mathematical nightmare, depending on how deep you went on that Houston Rockets Western Conference Champs futures bet. Eh, on second thought, this is a bad idea. UNDER. 


Over/Under: Celebrating Your Futures Pick Before the Playoffs Start

So you backed the Knicks (again) to win the Eastern Conference and the magic of this season has you riding high? We here at the Over/Under Blog absolutely love that you’re feeling so good about that hunch you had back before the season started. They might get tossed over the top rope in the first round but don’t let that sour your mood – most of your friends told you they wouldn’t even finish with a winning record, much less play a postseason game. We support your decision to celebrate. OVER.


Over/Under: Planning Your Championship Parade Before the Playoffs Start

Now this is a different story, Knicks fans. While we are in full support of you patting yourself on the back for the bold preseason pick, we politely suggest you pass on the parade. That’s taking it one step too far. UNDER.


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