How To Keep Your Online Identity Safe

According to the Identity theft statistics in 2019, there were 14.4 million consumers ended up as victims in America. Which means that it’s about 1 person in every 15 people who became the victim of security threat. This sounds horrible, doesn’t it? However, protecting your identity online is actually pretty simple and it can also be accomplished with some easy to follow strategies. Continue reading this article to learn how to keep your identity safe while betting online.

What is identity theft?

First of all, let’s talk about what identity theft is. To be honest, there is no much difference between online theft and someone steals your wallet. Maybe the only distinction is that, online identity thieves use online means to hack your accounts and acquire your financial information. 

Most frequently, they use spyware to secretly infect either computer or mobile devices, so they can monitor and record every movement you make online. After gathering such data, they can easily access all your accounts especially the ones with financial information in order to get the benefits from you.

Tips about keeping your online identity safe

You should know that you will still need to give some sensitive personal information while betting at online sportsbook. Especially when you choose the payment via traditional banking transfers or credit card, you will have to disclose vulnerable details during the process. Therefore, we want to provide some simple tips to help you safeguard your identity while enjoy betting.

  • Choose a trustworthy sportsbook. Actually, this is the most important step to secure your online identity because any untrustworthy sports book will not only make off your money but also your personal details.
  • Don’t write down your account details. This may increase the chance that your information could be stolen or discovered by others. 
  • Never share your sportsbook login information with anyone. Just remember, more people know about your information, the more you expose your identity.
  • Do not give your login information to your sportsbook customer service in case been asked. Under no circumstances should anyone from the customer service require such information.
  • Use different passwords for multiple accounts. It’s important to use a unique password for each of your accounts to mitigate the risk if any identity thief manages to get their hands on your data. You can learn more about how to enhance your password management in one of our guides.
  • Avoid using public Wi-Fi connection. Public or shared wifi connection isn’t 100% secure and safe because there is entirely possible that someone might monitor your every online activity. 
  • Have the good habit to log off between betting sessions. This can ensure that only you have access to your sports book account and not someone touching the computer you were just using.

Image by CeruleanSon from Pixabay