Why Modern Bookmaking Guarantees Business Success

In old days, bookies needed to take bets manually and travel to specific locations all the time to meet their clients. It’s totally a hassle if the players can’t pay the right amount on time. Now, modern bookmaking method solves the problem for you because Pay Per Head service changes everything! With only a small per head fee, bookies can obtain a customizable betting website and bookmaking software to run their business. Let’s take a look on what are the best parts of using Pay Per Head solution, and this modern bookmaking method can surely guarantee the business success for you.

Easy payment methods

Cash flow is always the lifeblood of any bookie business. Traditional bookmakers depend on paying and receiving the cash; however, Pay Per Head solution allows bookies to have more payment options. For instance, users can choose cryptocurrency  for their bets which is one of the securest way to protect the money. 

Betting limits control

With the Pay Per Head software, bookies are able to set up betting limits on each of your players. Which means that bookies can control how much their clients wager and the risk of unexpected overspending can be reduced. On the contrary, if you don’t set limits on your players, one player might potentially place large bet like $1000 per game. Eventually, such player could repeatedly place large bets and play with the money he/she can’t afford to pay and then go bankrupt. Remember that you need your customers continuing coming back to place bets for running the bookie business; therefore, betting limits control system becomes the high priority to get.

Layoff account

Unlike the old fashioned way, bookies can use the Pay Per Head service “Layoff” account to reduce the risk of money loss. Such special function is designed for bookies to make bets themselves in order to cut significant betting risk. In other words, they use a layoff account to reduce exposure from the big-ticket games and balance their sportsbook by making the mirror wagers.

Greater convenience

Modern bookmaking way with Pay Per Head solution is totally a big success because of its greater convenience. Players can find hundreds of sports games, in-app online casino, racebook and diverse betting options provided in one single Pay Per Head website. It’s simpler for players to place wagers from any device, and even easier for bookie to manage the operation from anywhere and anytime.

Customer support

Unlike traditional bookmaking method, you will receive the customer support from the Pay Per Head solution you choose. You won’t be working alone but have the professional staff helping you handle the lines and all kinds of inquiries. Therefore, you can gain extra time to focus more on expanding the business and make it more successful.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay