What Do You Need To Set Up A Bookie Business?

Bookie is a shortened term to address a bookmaker. This is an individual who set odds, accepts and pays off bets on sporting events or other agreed-upon games. And a bookie usually sets the game’s odds in his favor to ensure the profits.

Are you looking for a business opportunity to earn extra money? Starting out your own bookmaking business is totally a great idea since it doesn’t require any specific knowledge. So, if you are quite interested in sport games and know the rules a little bit, this is your big chance to join today!

Let us help you walk through what you might need to set up a bookie business: 

Pay Per Head service

First of all, you need to choose a right Pay Per Head partner like PricePerHead.com because they can help you to set up your own website for betting business. In addition, they provide the best bookie software for you to easily manage the lines and monitor each of your players’ activities. And the best of all is that they also offer 24/7 customer support with top-quality experience to assist both you and your players whenever needed.  


Unlike the other business investment, you don’t really need to prepare a huge amount of money to start out a bookie business. However, we may suggest you to have at least $3000 ~ $5000 in hand in the case that you still need to pay your winning customers. This is actually for you to build the reputation by always paying full on time to your players in order to run a successful business.


You don’t need to invest a lot on the equipments for running a bookie business. All you need is a mobile phone, a decent computer that you feel comfortable to work with and a good internet speed. After that, you are set to start working whenever and wherever you like.

Comfortable place

Working at the place where makes one feel comfortable can efficiently motivate oneself to concentrate and get a better result. Therefore, you should find a place where you can feel relaxed including your room, living room or anywhere can suit your needs to make a good start.


A bookie makes profits not only from players’ losses but also from the transaction fees while they place the wagers. Without a doubt, you can’t run a bookie business without having people betting with you since this is the core of business operation. So, you can start recruiting the players from people around you as a beginning such as relatives, friends, colleagues, neighbors or drinking buddies.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay