Taking Bets with Pay per Head: Best Solution for Top Bookmakers

Taking Bets with Pay per Head can help you run your wagering operation the best possible way.

Taking Bets with Pay per Head: Best Solution for Top Bookmakers
Taking Bets with Pay per Head: Best Solution for Top Bookmakers

With these offshore services, you can stop worrying about processing manual wagers.

And that’s because a PPH Shop offers full data processing solutions.

This means that your players are able to get their action without having to contact you directly.

And they can do that using a wagering and gambling website; or they can also do it over the phone.


Taking Bets with Pay per Head: Effortless, Great Profits

By Taking Bets with Pay per Head, you can run your business effortlessly, and you can also obtain great profits.

If you’re always on the run, this is the perfect product for you.

And the reason is because the bookmaking software offered by a reputable PPH Shop is fully mobile.

This means that you can be anywhere in the world, and you can still run your business efficiently.

In fact, all you need to do is to access your sportsbook software, and check the latest activity from your players.

You can also edit any kind of information, except for wagering data.

And that’s because you want to offer 100% fair solutions to your players in order to improve your bookie image.


Taking Bets with Pay per Head: The Services Explained

Now, Taking Bets with Pay per Head is simple, and here’s a brief explanation of the services you get:

  • Bookie software
  • Sports betting website
  • Extra online casino
  • Call center access


Bookie software

Taking Bets with Pay per Head means that you won’t have to process any sports betting activity by yourself!

And all the data related to the action of your players becomes immediately available on your bookie software.

This is a great tool that comes with many outstanding reports.

These reports are easy to use, and they allow you to check wagering action for one, or for many players; and for different periods of time (second-to-second, minute-by-minute, hours, days, weeks, and years).

You can also use this tool to create new accounts for players, change client passwords, increase or decrease betting limits, set wagering limits, and much more.

Plus, you can manage the lines provided by the PPH Shop!

With that said, such lines are great because they are created and managed by the PPH Shop’s professional lines personnel…

This means that you shouldn’t need to move lines if you don’t want to.

But, it may be the case that you want to move a given line, or create a new one, for a VIP client, or for all of your players! And you can do that without a problem…


Sports betting website

Taking Bets with Pay per Head allows your players to get their action online using a simple alias and password.

All your clients need to do is to grab their favorite mobile devices, access the Pay per Head website; and place their bets.

Now, placing such wagers is very simple: the player just pick his favorite bet type, add the respective line or lines; and confirm the bet.

Then you, the top bookmaker, can check that new wager on the player’s account!

That’s it! It’s really all a 1-2-3 process which your customers won’t find difficult at all…

Now, there are two types of websites for players:

  • Standard Pay per Head site
  • Customized agent website


Standard Pay per Head site

Taking Bets with Pay per Head is very easy using this website option.

This is the standard site where the players of most agents get their action.

It’s the most popular option, and also the most affordable.


Customized agent website

Now, this is a website that can become available to you and your players by paying a ONE-TIME extra fee.

Once you pay, you’ll be able to pick the name of the website, and also the design.

In essence, this will be YOUR website, but it will be hosted by the PPH Shop!

And best of all, it will be available only for your players!

This means that you get only advantages, and non of the expensive overhead costs.


Extra online casino

When you sign up with the right PPH Shop, Taking Bets with Pay per Head it’s just part of the deal…

This is because you have the option of doubling your already amazing profits by getting your price per head online casino!

This is a fully working gambling solution that includes the most popular games, and all you must do to get it is to pay an extra weekly fee to the PPH company.

Now, you can offer this service to your existent customers and double your earnings instantly.

But what’s even better is that by counting with this solution, you’re able to offer your professional services not only to bettors, but also to gamblers!

And this can help you grow your portfolio of clients dramatically.


Call center access

Taking Bets with Pay per Head also includes access to a call center for your players.

This means that your customers can dial a toll free number the PPH Shop will provide exclusively to you.

And then they can get their action over the phone using the help of professional, multilingual clerks.

This is a must-have service because many big-time bettors are still very fond of phone wagering.

For that reason, you definitely want to sign up with a PPH Shop from Costa Rica.

And by doing so, you can get the best phone betting services for your players without breaking the bank.


Taking Bets with Pay per Head is Secure

Last but not least, it’s important to mention that Taking Bets with Pay per Head is very safe; for you and for your clients.

In your case, the PPH Shop keeps all of your data inside encrypted, in-house servers; meaning that nobody can access such info.

And they will also let you know when they detect wiseguy activity!

In the case of your players, they can always get their action using just an alias and a password.

This means that the PPH Shop doesn’t know the real names attached to such aliases; as that is private data that belongs only to you…

As you can see, Taking Bets with Pay per Head can really change the way in which you manage your operation, and all you must do to get started is to contact the right PPH Shop from Costa Rica NOW…

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