Things a Bookie Can Do Away From the Internet

If you are a price per head bookie that has been dedicating a lot of time lately to work on your blog or building your reputation on things-bookie-do-away-internetsocial networks, don’t forget that there are many things that you can do away from internet that will also help you to improve the quality of your business and also of your personal relationships.


Bookie Tips: Organize your Office


Having business cards and napkins with the information of prospective clients split all over your office will really make it much harder for you to have an overall control over your current marketing efforts.

For that reason, we recommend you to take a couple of hours to organize everything in your office, and if possible, put all the information concerning possible new clients of your bookie business together in a notepad or a similar text editor in your laptop, your smartphone or a physical agenda.


Make Some Phone Calls

You probably have some customers from your bookie operation that prefer the personal touch of a call instead of an email, so make sure that you get in touch with them using your phone in order to see how everything is going concerning their experience with the pay per head services that you are offering them.

Also, try to get in touch with those prospective clients that you recently met and see what can you do to get them hooked to your betting operation. Maybe all they’ve been waiting for is a call from you inviting them to a business meeting to close the deal!


Do Some Brainstorming

If you feel that you are running out of ideas about how to market your bookmaking business, sit down in a comfortable place where nobody will disturb you, grab a pen and a notebook and start writing down all the ideas that comes to mind that you believe to be beneficial for your betting operation.

It doesn’t matter if not all the brainstorming ideas that you write are top-notch as you will later discard those that doesn’t work. The important thing is that you write as much as possible in order to let ideas to flow easily.


Evaluate your Current Productivity

To be as productive as possible, you need to be organized and have priorities for your bookie business, so, consider the things that you have been doing lately (apart from your web efforts) and see which ones are paying off more than others and put a priority on those.

The more organized that you are, the more productive you will be and the more profits you will see. Also, try to think why some of the things that you’ve been doing are not working and do as much as you can to solve the problems that are affecting those ineffective areas.

Note: don’t forget to do one thing at the time as when you try to solve many situations altogether, chances are that you will find it difficult to solve any of them.


Take a Well Deserved Break

How about just unplugging from the world for a little while by listening to your favorite music or going outside for a nice, empowering walk!

After all the work you’ve done related to your bookie operation, you certainly deserve to take some time for yourself, and when you do it, you will realize that when you get back to your original professional functions you will be refreshed and ready to face the challenges ahead of you.

Also, don’t forget about spending some time with your loved ones as they will really appreciate that you put some time apart from your business schedule to relax and have fun with them. After all, they are the reason why you’re trying to make your betting operation work!

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