Tips To Keep your Bookie Website Relevant

Keeping your bookie website relevant will certainly help you to get make more new clients for your price per head business, and here tips-keep-bookie-website-relevantare a few tips that we believe can help.


Keep your Site SEO-Compliant


In order to have an SEO-compliant sportsbook bookie website, you need to make sure that you keep your metadata fully optimized with enough proper keywords (but not too many or you can get penalized) and searchable content.

Also remember to use the right keywords in your hyperlinks and keep your links siloed (this term refers to the practice of organizing your site’s content in a hierarchical way in order to help both users and Google to understand what your web portal is all about).
Be Organized

Counting with a bookie website where all subjects are related will certainly help you to obtain a better PageRank. When the keywords that you are using on your site are similarly themed, then such consistency will help the Google web crawler to categorize your site more accurately.

A good analogy to help you understand this better is that one of a restaurant buffet: when you decide that what you want to eat is a salad, then you can go straight to the buffet section where the different salads and dressings are located.

If, for example, the Thousand Island dressing was located with other kind of food, then you will probably going to have some trouble identifying such dressing because it is simply not where it is supposed to be.

Similarly, when your site is properly organized, it will make it easier for the search engine to understand what your bookie website is all about, allowing you to improve your PR rank.


Consistency is Key

There are probably a few sites out there that are commonly frequented by you, and it is likely that you enjoy visiting those sites because you are already familiar with the site’s navigation. If you want people to continue to re-visit your bookie website and even bookmark you, then you also need to be consistent with the feel and look of your site. Avoid massive reorganizations of content.

If you do need to make some adjustments, make sure that you keep most of the content where it was before an update (by the way, when you are also consistent with your bookie website updates, it will be easier for you to spot any errors during future updating processes).


Think Long-Term

When you started your bookie website, you were probably thinking of keeping your site for the long-term and not just for a little while, and although you can keep a site live without giving it that much maintenance, your site will doubtless decrease in popularity if you aren’t able to keep it relevant to the current market. Indeed, if you are behind when it comes to relevancy, you are also going to be behind your competitors.

Web technology is going to change with time and that is inevitable but despite that fact, you do need to remain consistent with your efforts concerning the relevancy of your bookie website, so make sure that you will gradually incorporate new internet technologies to your site as soon as they arise.

An example of relevancy: Some time ago, webmasters used to be fond of using splash pages (introductory pages created using Flash which offered little info to visitors) and although they were quite popular, they are now discouraged because they are not search engine-friendly.

As a result, the sites of webmasters that managed to do the proper updates are now more popular than the sites of those webmasters that decided to stick with the old trends.

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