Top Apps To Manage your Bookie Finances

Once a pay per head bookie has reached certain financial goals, it’s a fine idea to learn some money management skills, and here’s top-apps-manage-bookie-financessome information on some incredibly useful finance apps that can help agents keep abreast of their finances.


Bookie Tips: Ireconcile


The motto of this excellent and customizable android app is to “keep your finance in check.” With the help of a checkbook register, Ireconcile will make it easier for a price per head bookie to administer his daily cash transactions. Agents won’t need to keep a list of their transactions (such as getting a new payment from a sub-agent) as the app will take care of everything.

Once the bookmaker has entered a brand new transaction, the new balances will be upgraded automatically. It also comes with online backup, so data will always remain secure.

The app also makes it possible for a bookie to create special reports and create his own budgets. This is especially useful for those bookmaking agents whom find it hard to keep an eye on their expenditures as they can create budget reports by day, week or month.

You can try the app free for a period of a full month and it has a monthly cost of $2.00 or $20.00 for a full year.


YNAB: You Need a Budget

This tool can also be tried for free for a period of 34 days and during that time, the user will be able to get lessons on how to utilize the app in the best possible way (you need to be registered).

This application is quite similar to the first one but it has its own special approach to handling your personal finances. You will learn how to start a budget and stick to it. YNAB also offer forums of discussion and what’s most interesting: blog posts presented as studies on real life cases.



If you are an iPhone user, then Xpensetracker will certainly come quite handy for you as it allows users to keep track of their current expenses. It is quite easy to utilize and it makes it possible to export data to your laptop in the form of an excel document.

This is probably one of the best tools that can be used by a bookie that is on the road a lot as it was specially designed to keep a log of expenses such as hotels, car rentals, business dinners and any traveling expenses.

This app can be acquired for less than $5.00 from the iTunes store.



This is an app that is compatible with iPhone, android, blackberry and windows mobile software and it comes with fully working budgeting features. If you are forgetful about paying your bills on time, Check comes with a special alerting system that will prevent you from paying any overdue fees.

It also comes with a feature that allows the user to pay your bills using your credit card information and it also makes it possible to receive reminders when you are spending more cash than usual.

The app is currently set to be tried for free and if you want to acquire it for good, it has a cost of $7.00.


This app is designed for users of Mac, Windows and Linux and it allows the user to take full control of his finances using a simple yet effective interface that makes it possible to pay bills online. You can use MoneyDance to create budgets and manage your investments more wisely.

The free version of the product limits the user to 100 transactions while the paid version is limitless and has a cost of $50.00

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