Top Milestones for your Bookie Career

Starting a career as a price per head bookie is a sign that things are going well in your professional life, and in order to measure your top-milestones-bookie-careercurrent success, it is a good idea to set different milestones that can help you out to know that you are doing things right. Here are the ones we consider as the most important ones.


Bookie Tips: Your First Official Online Client


When you’ve spent some time spreading the word about your business around in different social networking sites, you will soon be receiving messages from people that might be interested in your professional pay per head bookmaking services, and you can be certain that you will feel more than satisfied when you’ve finally managed to sign your first official client acquired through your online marketing efforts.


Your First Professional Social Media Contact

Sure, many of your friends and family members have a ton of people in their Facebook or Twitter accounts, but when it comes to your personal situation, things are a little bit different because you are not really trying to befriend just anyone, but people that can turn into clients in the future or individuals that can hook you up with players.

For this reason, another important milestone is fulfilled when you have managed to make your very first professional social media contact as when you befriend pros, chances are that other pros will also be glad to accept a contact request from you.


Getting your own Bookie Blog up

Another important milestone takes place when you’re able to get your own bookie blog running. This is quite relevant because it serves as a tool that can help you voice out your opinion on different subjects that can be considered of interest by prospective clients. The more popular your bookie blog becomes, the more visits you will get from the kind of visitors that you want reading your posts.


The First time you Receive Compliments for your Pay per Head Services

When a bookie is running things old-school, they will rarely receive any compliments from his players because they are used to the monotonous service they’ve been receiving, but when a bookie runs his wagering operation with the help of pay per head solutions, his clients certainly will notice the high-quality services they are receiving.

It is quite significant when an agent receives his first set of compliments concerning his partnership with a renowned pph shop because it means that the bookie is taken the kind of right decisions that can bring the kind of prosperity that he wants for his business.


The First Time you are Asked for Advice on the Web

When people ask you about a certain subject is because they believe that you are the go-to person, and the same thing applies to a bookie that is looking to project himself as an industry authority. This is why it is very important when players start relying in your for information on upcoming games. Indeed, a key milestone takes place when a bookie is asked for his professional advice online for the first time.


The First Blog Comment you Receive

Receiving your first comment on your own bookie blog means that you are getting people hooked on the kind of stuff that you are writing, and if you base your writing on topics that can attract players, you will, with time, cultivate a loyal following of people that can become part of your wagering portfolio in the future.


Your First Referral

Another important milestone for a bookie happens when he signs his first referral client. This is because once this happens, it means that the agent is now a trusted bookmaker that knows how to keep his customers happy, and satisfied clients will always be willing to put a good word for their agent.

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