Types of Sports Betting Players | Price per Head

Just as there are different types of price per head bookies out there, there are also different types of sports betting players.types-sports-betting-players-price-per-head

From the professional, to the addict, this article will help you identify the most common types out there.


Sports Betting: The Pros versus the Rest

A sports betting professional don’t place wagers with his pay per head bookie for fun; instead, he does it because he wants to make a profit.

Although a professional bettor gets to experience excitement and adrenaline surges, these types of feelings and emotions are not his ultimate goals, but just a natural consequence of betting on sports.

A pro bettor is more focused on being disciplined with the research process, and on improving his sports betting strategy as much as possible in order to beat his bookmaking agent.

This is the big difference between a sports betting professional and a regular bettor, who perceives wagering as an entertaining experience.

The big problem for someone who sees betting as pure entertainment is that many times wagers are placed based on emotions and without budgetary control.


What is your Sports Betting Type?
If you are interesting in sports betting, it is important for you to understand what type of bettor you are. Here are the six types:



This is the type of bettor that makes most, if not all of his cash from placing bets.

The main motivation for this type of player is freedom.



This is the bettor who has a regular full-time job and who gets an additional income from betting on sports.

Since this is a person that cannot dedicate the same time to sports betting as a pro does, the semi-professional usually specializes on a particular category in order to secure a profit.



A punter is someone who bets on a regular basis, but who fails to adopt a professional approach towards wagering.

Although the punter won’t admit it, fun and entertainment comes before profits for him.



These are the bettors who place wagers occasionally, or even regularly. The difference between the punter and the entertainment groups is that people from the latter does admit that they wager just for the purpose of getting entertained.



This group covers the majority of bettors out there. These are individuals who enjoy placing bets at major sporting events, such as the Super Bowl, or the NBA finals.

This is the kind of bettor that rarely bets, but that is hoping to cash-in big-time when they do.



This is the type of compulsive bettor, who places bets on sports because of a maladaptive behavior that ends up disrupting vocational, familiar and personal pursuits.

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