Wagering Software for Agents, and Pay per head Services for Players

You can get Wagering Software to run your sports betting and gaming operation from a top Pay per Head shop.

Wagering Software for Agents, and Pay per head Services for Players
Wagering Software for Agents, and Pay per head Services for Players

If you really want to make a difference as an agent, you need the best Wagering Software you can get.

And, you can obtain high-quality bookie software, without spending a lot, by signing up with a PPH offshore services company.


Wagering Software And Player Services

Now, when you sign up with a Pay per Head shop, you get access to sportsbook software for you; and sports betting and gaming services for your players.

Here’s exactly what you get:

  • Out-of-the-box Wagering Software
  • Sportsbook and online casino website
  • Betting over the phone


Out-of-the-box online Wagering Software

You want to get your hands on online Wagering Software that’s ready to use.

And that’s because it won’t take you more a few minutes to learn how to use this data management tool.

Each and every single report should be presented in an easy-to-grasp way.

This factor is very important. And this is because if you get a tool that’s not complicated at all, and it’s also rich in features; then this means that the rest of the services from the PPH Shop are just as good.

In other words, if the bookmaking software is great, and you’re happy; you will get the same reaction from your current, and prospective new customers.


Sportsbook and online casino website

As a top bookmaker, you get Wagering Software. This allows you to monitor all the action related to your operation.

And, your players get a sportsbook and online casino website.

This means that your clients can use their favorite device to access the Pay per Head site; and place bets, or play casino games, such as PPH Poker.

This service includes a complete wagering menu that goes beyond just sports and horse betting. And, it also includes all the wagering types.


Standard or Premium

Now, you can pick the standard package of services. This allows your players to have access to the sportsbook area of the website.

And, you can also pay a little extra per week, and get your own online casino. This is the premium service, and it allows you to double your profits easily.

This is because your sports betting clients can become your first casino players.

This means that just by adding an online casino to your package of Pay per Head services; you can put twice as much in your bank account on a regular basis.


Betting over the phone

Apart from Wagering Software, and a sports betting and gaming website; the package of Pay per Head solutions also includes call center access.

This means that players can easily get their action over the phone. Assisted by a team of professional clerks.

If you want to get the best call center service, make sure to work with a PPH Shop that’s located overseas.

This guarantees that your players will get high-quality assistance.

This is particularly true if you work with a price per head company from Costa Rica.

The latter is a country that counts with skilled clerks and the necessary technology to satisfy the needs of the most demanding players.


Wagering Software: Full Control for the Agent

What’s great, and especially relevant about the Wagering Software you get from a reputable Pay per Head shop is that you get full control.

This means that this data management tool allows you, as a bookmaking agent, to manipulate data as much as possible.

This is great because you can have full control over:

  • Player accounts
  • Wagering limits
  • Betting types allowed
  • Betting line management


Player accounts

Good Wagering Software allows you to manage the accounts of your players.

This means that you can open or close accounts as you need to.

So, for example, if you’re on the street, and you find a prospective client, you can open an account right away.


Wagering limits

You can also have full control over the betting limits of players.

Using this Wagering Software, you can set the limit for all players, or just for a single one.

For example, you can set the limit for a certain player, for all wagering types, and all sports; or just for some of them.

This is really great because by putting cash limits on certain action, you can keep players satisfied; and your business profitable at the same time.


Betting types allowed

Using Wagering Software, you’re also able to set the wagering types for each player, or for all of them.

This is also a way to allow you to keep more control over your operation; by allowing only the kind of action that can make you the most profits.

What’s great about working with a top PPH Shop is that your players get access to all possible wagering types.

And that’s exactly why you need to know which wagering types should be available for your players.

For example, you may want to prevent a given player from placing bets on a given wagering type. And you can do that by just removing that data from that player’s betting menu.

Now, it’s especially relevant not to worry. If you’re working with a good pricer per head company; doing this kind of player account updates should be fairly simple.


Betting line management

You also want to count with Wagering Software that allows you to have overall control over betting lines.

Now, the Pay per Head shop counts with its own team of skilled line movers; and provide an outstanding service to the bookie and his players.

This means that the lines are great, and the bookie don’t have to worry at all about them.

With that said, a good agent may also want to move a line here and there, from time to time; and for certain clients. Or even for all of them.

It all really all depends on the circumstances.

For example, it may be the case that the bookmaking agent it’s being asked by a VIP player to move a line especially for him.

The agent can do this, and many other things just like it, using the best type of Wagering Software.

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