Website for Bookies: An Outstanding Online Money-Making Solution

With a Website for Bookies, you can run things like a pro, with a little effort.

Website for Bookies: An Outstanding Online Money-Making Solution
Website for Bookies: An Outstanding Online Money-Making Solution

First thing is to contact a good pay per head shop.

This is an offshore services provider that can get you all you need to manage your operation.

And what’s great is that you don’t have to pay too much.

In fact, you just pay a weekly fee that includes all PPH solutions.


Website for Bookies: How To Get It

To get your Website for Bookies, go online and check for the best price per head companies.

Then, pick up a couple of favorites and give them a call.

Once you’re on the phone, you can get all the info you need about the site, and the other services for agents.

One of these other solutions is the sportsbook software you’ll be using to manage your sports betting business.

And the other of these services is also for your players: unlimited call center access.

We’ll talk more about these solutions later on, but now let’s get back to the sign up process…

After getting all the info you need from the PPH representative, you’ll be able to pick between two site alternatives…


Website for Bookies: Two Different Site Options

Now, there are two different site options, and even an extra solution that can help you to double your profits easily…

These are the two options:

  • Standard Pay per Head Site
  • Custom Pay per Head Site


Standard Pay per Head Site

This pack that includes access to the standard Website for Bookies.

This is the main website for players from the PPH Shop.

And this is also where the players of many agents get their action.

There’s not a problem with that, and in fact, this option is so good, that it’s the most popular one amongst bookmaking agents, plus it’s also the most affordable one!


Custom Pay per Head Site

Now, if you’re willing to pay a ONE-TIME EXTRA FEE, you can get a custom Website for Bookies.

This is a site that is going to be available only for your own players.

And not only that, but you can also get to customize the site with your favorite design, and domain name.


Extra Casino

Now, when you sign up, you get the standard service pack.

This means that your players can only place bets on sports and horse racing events.

But, there’s an extra option that most top bookmakers consider essential for their success: an online casino.

And just by paying an extra weekly fee, you can get your own fully working casino.

This gambling service includes the most popular games, and modern flash designs for such games.

Plus, fairness is 100% guaranteed, so you’ll have winners as usual, but the profits will definitely be way superior than your losses.

So, counting with a casino is really up to you, but when you combine sports betting and gaming, you get the right formula to make it to the top in an effortless way.


Website for Bookies: What Players Get

The Website for Bookies you get from a top pay per head company is fully user-friendly.

This means that your players won’t have any kind of problems adjusting to, and using the site on a regular basis.

In fact, your customers won’t require any training to learn to use everything.

On the contrary, they’ll be able to start placing bets immediately.

And all they’ll need to do so is a user name and password you must create for them.

With that alias and pass, they can get unlimited access to the wagering and gambling areas of the site.

And, if you’re working with a top PPH Shop, your players won’t need to download anything.

This is because the most reputable Costa Rica pay per head shops work with 100% web-based solutions.

This means that your players can just go online using their favorite mobile devices, and get their action.

Doubtlessly, this is great because it means that you’re empowering your customers with the tools they need to get the fun and excitement they want.


Website for Bookies: The Other Services

Besides a Website for Bookies, when you work with a top PPH Shop you get:

  • Sportsbook Software for You
  • Call Center for Players


Sportsbook Software for You

This is the service destined for agents.

With this tool, you can manage every single aspect of your operation.

And you always have the option of limiting your players.

This means that you can limit which wagering types they can use, which casino games they can play, and you can also limit the amount of cash they can risk on each bet.

Once you’ve customized the accounts of your players with their respective restrictions and privileges, they’ll be able to start getting their action.

Now, this bookmaker software includes a great variety of agent reports.

Those reports shows you the current and past action of your players; and it also allows you to check how well your operation is performing versus your customers.

Indeed, using the info on those reports can help you to take better decisions that can save you or make you a lot more cash.


Call Center for Players

Apart from the Website for Bookies, this is the other solution for your clients.

This is a service that includes a custom toll free number for you, the top bookmaker.

It’s a phone line that will be available only to your own players; so when the clerk gets a call from that number, he knows to which agent the customer belongs to.

And that’s great because it means that phone betting clerks are able to provide an outstanding custom service.

What’s also great about this solution is that clerks are multilingual.

This means that you can offer your bookmaker services not only to people that speaks English, but also to those that speak Chinese and Spanish.

And that indeed can help you increase the players in your wagering and gambling portfolio considerably.


As you can see, all you need to do to become a top agent is to find the right pay per head shop and get your Website for Bookies ASAP.

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