What Is A Bookie? Practical Information for Beginners

What is a bookie? How do you run a bookmaking and pph poker operation?

What Is A Bookie? Practical Information for Beginners
What Is A Bookie? Practical Information for Beginners

Are you an entrepreneur that wants to starts a sports betting and gaming operation? Then this information is for you.


What Is A Bookie?


So, what is a bookie? Well, a bookmaker can be defined as: an individual that provides a wagering, and a gambling pay per head service to his clients.

A bookie can either operate alone; or it can also work along with his own staff, and with other sports betting agents.


Price per Head Services

Back in the day, bookies were limited in terms of the kind of solutions they were able to provide to sports bettors and gamblers.

That, however, changed when, more than a decade ago, price per head shops began offering their data management services to bookmaking agents.

In fact, working with a top pph shop is basically a defining condition for a top bookmaker to be successful.

The reason is because the services provided by the price per head shop allows the bookie to compete at the highest level; even against the large online sportsbooks.

And, even though a bookie can put together his own bookmaking and gambling operation, this can be quite expensive. To do so, a top bookmaker will need to pay for:

  • Call center offices
  • Wagering clerks
  • Customer service agents
  • Sportsbook software
  • Casino software

Indeed, without the services from a pph shop, a bookie really doesn’t count with the tools that can give him the edge over other sports betting agents.

Now, if you really want to know what is a bookie, you definitely need to be more familiarized with the services offered by a price per head shop:


Sportsbook Software and Casino Games

Sportsbook software is used by sports betting agents to monitor the wagering and gambling activity of their clients. And it also allow the top bookmaker to do things such as:

  • Opening or closing player accounts.
  • Increase or decrease betting lines.
  • Move wagering lines at will.

This custom bookie software includes a variety of reports that offers detailed information on a number of aspects related to the bookie’s wagering operation.

A price per head shop also offers casino games, including pph poker. To count with these games is essential because it allows bookmaking agents to cash in on their customers when sports betting action is slow.


Call Center

As a modern top bookmaker, you really want to avoid the hassle of taking wagers all by yourself.

And, this is possible because a price per head shop counts with its own offshore call center.

So, when a bookmaking agent signs up with a pph shop, the bookie’s clients are immediately granted access to this calling service.


Internet Betting

With an internet wagering service, it is difficult for a bookmaking operation to thrive.

In fact, a bookie that doesn’t include web betting within his range of services will definitely find it difficult to retain current clients, or to sign up new ones.

This is because most modern bettors enjoy placing their bets in a private way; using either their smartphones, laptops, or other personal devices.


How to Become a Bookie

If you want to know what is a bookie, you probably also would like to know how to become one.

To become a bookie, you need:

  • The right knowledge
  • Sufficient funds
  • Pay per head services
  • The right mindset


The Right Knowledge

In order to start a career as a top bookmaker, the first thing you need to do is to acquire the right knowledge.

This includes knowledge on:

  • Math
  • Sports
  • Business

Chances are that you’re proficient at one of these areas, but you lack knowledge on the rest. If this is the case, it is in your best interest, as a top bookmaker, to get the help of individuals that can support you with their expertise.


Sufficient Funds

Without cash, you really can’t start a sports betting and gaming operation.

This is because you need to have enough money to pay bettors and gamblers when they win.

Sure, you’re in the bookmaking and casino business because you want to make money. But, in order to make cash, you need to have clients. And, the only way to attract new customers on a regular basis is to count with a good reputation.

If you don’t have access to the cash that you need, you can get the help of an investor, or even find yourself a direct partner.


Pay per Head Services

With the right knowledge, and the necessary cash, all you need to run a fully working wagering and gambling operation are pay per head services.

As explained above, these pph shop solutions are what you need, as a top bookmaker, to offer the kind of quality solutions that modern sports bettors and gamblers demand.


The Right Mindset

Now, it is important to mention that the right mindset is essential. As a top bookmaker, you need to believe in yourself and in what you do.

Sure, there will be many people out there that will try to undermine your capacity by making you believe that you aren’t good enough to attain success.

With that said, if you want to become a bookie that can be considered a successful one; doubtlessly, you need to avoid paying attention to any negative comments and attitudes.

Instead, work as hard as you can by always trying to learn something new that can benefit your sports betting and pph poker business.

And, don’t forget to try to get as many clients on a regular basis. Visit sports bars, colleges, sports venues, and any other places where you believe you can find potential customers.

Indeed, your thoughts can either make you or break you. And, in order to take the best decisions as a top bookmaker, you definitely need to count with the right mindset; and forget about the nonsense.

So, if you wanted to know what is a bookie, we hope that the information above can clarify your doubts, and lead you in the right path.

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