What is a Pay per Head Service: Understanding What Bookmakers Get

If you’re wondering What is a Pay per Head Service, chances are that you’re interested in starting your own bookie business.

What is a Pay per Head Service: Understanding What Bookmakers Get
What is a Pay per Head Service: Understanding What Bookmakers Get

If that’s the case, this article is just for you as we explain what price per head solutions are, and how you can easily get them.


What is a Pay per Head Service: A Brief Explanation

If you want to know What is a Pay per Head Service, here’s a brief explanation:

Price per head solutions are a set of offshore services created to help bookies run their wagering and gambling operations trouble-free.

These solutions are provided by a PPH Shop. This is a company that runs its operations from an offshore territory.

This is because by doing this, the PPH Shop is able to save cash in overhead costs. And the money that’s saved is then re-invested in better bookmaking services for agents.


What is a Pay per Head Service: The Solutions

Now, an article on What is a Pay per Head Service wouldn’t be complete without a more detailed account of what these solutions are.

So, when you sign up with a PPH Shop, these are the solutions you’re likely to receive:

  • Bookie software
  • Sports betting and gaming website
  • Call center access


Bookie software

This is the data management tool bookmakers get when they sign up with a reputable price per head company.

This bookie software is fully mobile, which means that agents can basically run their operations from anywhere in the world.

This means that if you’re an agent that’s always on the move, either to have fun or to work on getting new clients; this is definitely the kind of tool you want to work with.

The reason is because mobile sportsbook software is accessible from any device with internet.

So, just by knowing your user name and password, you can use any computer, cell phone or tablet, get online; and check the most recent activity related to your sports betting and gaming operation.

This tool comes with more than 15 bookie reports, which offers you the data of your business, split in categories.

And, what’s great about this bookmaking software is that you can customize each report in order to check only the info you want to see.

This saves you a lot of time, and makes your wagering and gambling operation more efficient.

This tool is great because you can manage the accounts of your players at will.

Meaning that you can:

  • Open or close accounts at any time
  • Set wagering limits for betting types
  • Set wagering limits for individual players
  • Among others…

Another advantage of counting with this tool is that you can manage your sub-agents.

These are the bookies that works under you, and that manage your operation in other territories.

You can even allow your sub-agents limited access to the bookie software so they can enter certain information themselves.

With these and other outstanding features, it’s safe to say that this is tool a top bookmaker should definitely count with.


Sports betting and gaming website

Understanding What is a Pay per Head Service also means to know about the solutions intended for players.

The main of these is the website where your customers can place their bets, or even play casino games!

This is because when you sign up with the PPH Shop, you get a sports betting site. But, by paying an extra, you can also get a fully working casino for your players.

This is great because it means that you can count not with one, but with two great sources of income.

And, you can even end up making more cash out of your gambling operation than with your sports betting business.

Now, there are two types of sites you can choose from:

  • Standard site
  • Custom website

The difference between these sites is that the standard site is utilized by the players of many agents.

And, if you get a custom website, your players will be the only ones using the site.

The personalized version also includes custom domain name and design.

This means that you can pick the actual URL name of the site, and you can also decide how you want the site to look.

And, you can get all of this for a one-time extra fee.

Both of these sites, the standard and the custom versions are fully mobile.

This means that just like your bookie software, players can also use the services of the PPH Shop on the go.

So, just by accessing the web, the player can login to the PPH site, and place bets, or play his favorite casino games, including PPH Poker.

This is really a great way to allow your players to be in full control of their own wagering and gambling action.


Call center access

When learning about What is a Pay per Head Service, it’s also important to mention the other top solution for players: call center access.

This means that your players are able to dial a toll free number; and get their action using the help of a professional wagering clerk.

This is a solution that’s available for players 24-7, all year.

And, this is great because there are many sports bettors out there whom are still very fond of getting their action over the phone.

And for this reason, it’s important for bookies to work with a reputable PPH Shop.

This guarantees that players are going to be treated the best possible way by the most experienced sports betting clerks.

Now, a top PPH Shop even counts with separate departments for sports and horses.

This means that when a player calls, he can get a personalized treatment by dialing a direct extension to talk to specialized clerks.

This is really all to the advantage of the player, allowing him to enjoy premium solutions; while you, as a bookie, get to pay the least possible.

Indeed, this is definitely a solution that is complementary to the sports betting site and vice versa.


So, as an agent, you should look for a PPH Shop that offers not only the best bookie software for you; but also the same kind of high-quality services for your players.

And doubtlessly, the above is the most important factor to understand when learning about What is a Pay per Head Service.

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