What is Pay per Head: Exclusive Sportsbook Services for Bookies

Do you want to know what is Pay per Head? If this is the case, chances are that you’re looking for sports betting and gaming data management

What is Pay per Head: Exclusive Sportsbook Services for Bookies
What is Pay per Head: Exclusive Sportsbook Services for Bookies


So, What is Pay per Head?

The answer to what is Pay per Head is simple: It is a concept related to paying a weekly fee for data management offshore services.

This is an exclusive concept of the sports betting and gaming industries. Therefore, its clients are mostly bookmakers and casino entrepreneurs.


The Mechanics of Pay per Head

In order to figure out what is Pay per Head, we need to start by defining how it works; in a few simple steps:


Step 1: Searching for a Pay per Head Shop

Before signing up with a Pay per Head shop; make sure to research as many of these bookmaking and gambling services companies as possible.

Study their prices, and most importantly, what you’re getting for what you’re paying for.


Step 2: Negotiate a weekly fee

Once you’ve find a Pay per head shop that meets all the right requirements; its time to negotiate a weekly price per head.

It may be the case that the price per head that you’re being offered its good enough that you don’t have to sit down and negotiate.

On the other hand, you may feel that you can get an even better deal if you negotiate a little bit more.


Step 3: Get familiarized with the different services

As soon as price per head has been agreed upon, you can relax, and start the learning process.

Now, if the Pay per Head shop you chose is good, the learning curve for their sportsbook software shouldn’t be long.

In fact, the better the price per head shop, the more user-friendly their bookie software.


Step 4: Offer services to clients

Once the sports betting agent learns how to operate the bookmaking software, and how to handle everything in general, it’s time to start offering the pph services to players. In fact, if you want to know what is Pay per Head, this is what is all about.


What is Pay per Head, Literally

Now that we know the mechanics on how to start using price per head services; it’s time to explain what is pay per head, literally.
PPH works this way:
•    1. Let’s say you’re a bookmaker with 25 players.
•    2. You then decide to hire the services of a PPH shop.
•    3. You get charged a weekly Pay per Head fee when one of your clients either bets over the high-tech call center, or over the web.
•    4. At the end of the week, the bookie just pays for the players that were active. So, even if he has 25 players, if only 15 were active; the top bookmaker pays the PPH shop for services granted to those 15 players only.

In other words: Pay per Head, is paying a weekly fee, per active head, or player. Hence, Pay per Head.


Pay per Head: What’s Included

Now, what does a reputable PPH shop includes in a services package? If you want to know what is Pay per Head, this is PPH basics 101.


Unlimited access to an offshore call center for players

Counting with a high-tech call center service for players is not only important for the client, but also for the bookie.

And the reason is because you want your customers to receive the best possible service when they call in to get their wagering action.

Make sure that the price per head shop you’re doing business with operates offshore. Preferably from Costa Rica, a country that guarantees that the call center personnel is:

•    Tri-lingual (English, Spanish, Chinese): You want to be able to offer your call center in more than one language. And, if you can make that 3, even better.

•    Experienced: Being located in Costa Rica is great because this is a country with a long history related to gambling services. So, this means that the people working at a reputable PPH shop located in Costa Rica most likely counts with the kind of experienced individuals which players feels most comfortable with.

•    Skilled: Experience is synonymous with skills. This means that when you work with a price per head shop from Costa Rica; the clerks at the offshore call center count with the necessary skills to manage every call with the outmost professionalism.


The mobile wagering experience

In order to understand what is Pay per Head, it’s important to talk about the other big feature that can really make the difference for the business of a top bookmaker: mobile wagering.

Without this service, it isn’t very likely that a bookie can compete against the big online sportsbooks.

On the other hand, hiring the web services of the right sporsbook software provider means that players will always be able to get their action over the web, trouble-free.

Make sure that the online wagering solution you hire for your players is very user-friendly.

You want the route from accessing the web page, to the wagering confirmation screen, to be as straight forward as possible. The simplest the route, the better.



Another feature that’s important to consider when figuring out what is Pay per Head are casino games.

This is a service that is available for the bookie as an extra. Paying for it, however, makes a lot of sense for the top bookmaker.

And the reason is because the bookmaking agent can start cashing in on the gambling action of his current sports bettors.

And, it can also serve as an outstanding marketing strategy to attract new clients.

So, for example, if the bookie approaches a gambler, he can offer his casino gaming services to that person.

Meaning that the bookie can now split his profits between his sports bettors and casino players.

And, doubtlessly, it is likely that gambling can turn out to be an even more profitable business for the bookmaking agent, than sports betting.


As you can see, learning what is Pay per Head is really all about bookies trying to provide the best wagering services for their sports bettors, and offshore providers trying to deliver the most professional solutions package for them.

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