What Kind of Bookie Website Do You Want to Create?

It is critical that you truly know what your price per head bookie website is all about because this can help you to pick your keyword what-kind-bookie-website-want-createphrases more wisely and it will also make it easier for you to arrange your site properly.

You need to figure out if you actually want a pay per head sportsbook website dedicated to researching purposes or if you are actually planning to manage an e-commerce site, or a combination of both. How can you really tell about this? Here are some ideas:


Bookie Website: Research


A bookie website that is dedicated to research must contain keyword terms of the information type. These kinds of keywords are widely used by people who use Google or other top search engine to search for their desired content. Since you want to create a site that is dedicated to attract prospective customers for your betting business, you must use keyword phrases that are research-based.



You can also opt for an e-commerce bookie website where you can sell products that might be of interest to possible clients. In this case you must utilize keyword terms that are aimed to bettors whom are looking to make online purchases.

When running an e-commerce bookie website, you should include keywords that are quite specific because those are the kind of terms that a bettor with an interest on purchasing something will use (this is different to the more broad terms used on a researching site). When creating a site that is dedicated to selling products, you must include clear calls to action within the content such as “buy now.”


Combined Site

This is the option that we truly recommend. If you opt for creating a bookie website that is dedicated to both research and e-commerce, you must use a savvy combination of both broad and specific keywords.

If your create a site for your sports betting business, you can offer information on your bookmaking services and also offer related products that can be of interest to visitors. The main factor is that all the areas of your site must have a theme in common in order to help you obtain a high PageRank and a privileged position in the SERPs.


Brainstorming for Keywords

To know the kind of bookie website that you want to have will certainly help you to identify the keywords that can get you the kind of traffic that you want. Don’t forget to do both a keyword research for the information area of your site and also for the transactions part. In order to get the right terms, do some brainstorming about what kind of keyword phrases might be of interest for someone that is just doing research and also for someone that is ready to make a purchase.

Hint: When you do keyword research for your SEO efforts, you must constantly review the terms that you are currently using. This is because the online market is ever-changing and if you want to keep up with your competitors, you should always use keywords that are considered relevant and fresh.


Get some Help

If you are not too sure about the type of bookie website that you want to create, you can always get the help of professionals. In this case, we recommend you to get the assistance of both a web designer and an SEO expert as those two individuals can work together along with you in order to come up with a competitive site.

If you decide to go this route, make sure that you are always pending of what both your web designer and optimization professional are doing concerning the creation of you site. This is because it is ultimately you who are the expert on your field, and providing your guidance can be essential in order to obtain the best possible results.

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