Affordable Sports Betting Software And Top Player Services

Affordable Sports Betting Software And Top Player Services

Affordable Sports Betting Software can be easily obtained from a top Pay Per Head company.

And these services are for all bookies, no matter what the size of the operation!

Let’s see how everything works…

Affordable Sports Betting Software: The Prices

When you work with a top PPH Shop, you’ll definitely get access to Affordable Sports Betting Software.

So, what you want to avoid is to work with a new company that offers low prices, but most likely don’t count with the resources to make it all work for your sports betting operation.

And you also want to avoid paying the highest prices!

So, what you want is to start working with a PPH company that can offer you high-quality offshore services for great weekly prices.

And talking about weekly prices, you also want…

Services Based On Actual Usage

That’s right! What you want is to work with an Affordable Sports Betting Software provider that offers you player services based on actual usage.

This means that you only need to pay the PPH Shop when your clients actually get some bookmaking or gambling action.

For example, let’s say that you have 75 players, and only 50 of those placed bets during a given week.

Then, that means that you only need to pay the PPH Shop for the active 50 clients, and not for the 25 inactive ones.

Needless to say, what this can tell you is that these solutions were created thinking about giving you, the bookie, the most advantages as possible.

Affordable Sports Betting Software And Player Services

Now, when you work with a PPH Shop, you not only get Affordable Sports Betting Software, but also the best services for your customers.

This is what you and your players will get:

  • Affordable Sports Betting Software
  • Wagering Site
  • Online Casino
  • Call Center

Affordable Sports Betting Software

This Affordable Sports Betting Software is the tool you’ll be using to manage your full business.

It’s completely mobile, so you can take it with you anywhere.

And this mobility is exactly what you want and need, because chances are that you’ll always be on the go, getting new clients, etc.

Now, this bookie software comes with more than 20 exclusive reports.

These reports are packed with key data that will allow you to take the best decisions for your operation.

And you’ll also be working with a wiseguy monitoring service, so that you can get instant updates when unwanted action is taking place.

This will allow you to stop that action, protecting your business immediately.

Plus, this sportsbook software allows you to keep full control over the accounts of your players.

You can easily open or close an account within seconds.

And you can also set all the limits you want related to risk limits and wagering types.

Furthermore, this is an industry favorite, which means that by working with a top PPH Shop, you’re meeting the standards most players are expecting from a top bookmaker.

Wagering Site

Apart from Affordable Sports Betting Software, you’ll also get a website where your players can get their action.

This is an amazing solution that allows your clients to place wagers and play casino games directly from their favorite smart devices.

This means that your customers can use their smartphones, laptops, or tablets, to get their action safely and discreetly.

And your players will get access to the most complete wagering menu, including the most attractive lines for all the top events in the globe.

Now, there are two website types you can choose from:

  • Standard site
  • Custom site

Standard site

The standard website is the one used by agents running small wagering operations. It’s an amazing alternative, and it’s a site that’s shared by the players of many bookmaking agents.

Now, if you’re a bookie that wants to expand your business considerably, then you probably need a…

Custom site

An Affordable Sports Betting Software company offers you the possibility of counting with your own customized website.

This is a site that’s going to be available just FOR YOUR OWN PLAYERS!

And that’s not all, as you get to personalize the site with your favorite design.

In other words: you can give the website your favorite look and feel.

You can also set your favorite domain name, you know, the www… And if it’s available, the PPH Shop will get it for you.

So, what you end up it’s with an amazing custom site that will serve as your perfect marketing tool, allowing you to become a top bookmaker in your area.

With that said, a personalized website it’s not really complete without an…

Online Casino

Yes! This is the tool that can really make the difference for your operation, so, it’s paramount that you request this service from your Affordable Sports Betting Software company.

Now, this is a solution that you’ll need to get as an extra, but the profits are so good, that you won’t even notice the extra that you actually need to pay for it.

And this is a fully working casino, including modern flash games, and even live casino action!

That’s right! Your players can place bets with an actual real dealer! And this is just what you want to enhance your image as a top bookie even more.

Call Center

Last but not least, an Affordable Sports Betting Software company also offers the best call center services.

And for this to be possible, you should work with a PPH Shop from Costa Rica!

Why? The reason is because this is the country where the top PPH companies in the world are located.

And so this means that working with a Pay Per Head business from Costa Rica guarantees that your players will get the best possible attention.

And this is also a multilingual solution, which means that your clients can place bets in English, Chinese, and Spanish.

Needless to say, this is the perfect complement for your bookie website, and just what you need to run a very successful operation.

So, get your Affordable Sports Betting Software, and the other player services, and start your road to success now!

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