Best Reasons Why You Should Choose Price Per Head

Whether you are just starting out as an independent sports bookmaker or you have already run a successful operation, one of the critical decisions for the business you have to make is which Pay Per Head you choose to partner with. There are hundreds of pay per head services in this industry, but only one can be considered the best bookmaking solution provider and that’s why you stay with our service!

Almost 20 Years of Expertise

A high level of expertise must be your primary consideration when it comes to searching for an ideal online solution provider for your bookie business. Price Per Head has been working along with hundreds of bookies just like you for nearly 20 years. In order to deliver the best software package to our customers that is even better than the one used by the biggest offshore sportsbook to operate their million-dollar sites, we have gone to great lengths and huge investment during all these years. But don’t worry the only cost to you for receiving all these great features is an extremely low per head fee just for your active players per week.  

Best Advanced Software and Security

Our investments on both online technology and betting software show the best quality of services to our customers and make them easily to run their own Sportsbook/Online Casino/Racebook with success. We have Data Center with multiple uplinks to the Internet and power generators to guarantee you the sharpest lines in the industry. Besides, our security features can also guarantee you and your players a safe environment for betting and keep all your data secured.

Outstanding Call Center Solution

We are in charge of setting up your online applications that is essential for you to develop a big number of incomes. Also, we provide the outstanding Customer Service assistance with over 150 customer care professionals to help you with all kinds of requests you may have 24/7 – 365. Moreover, we even established the quality control system monitoring on all calls and online placed actions to ensure the best quality of service we provide to every single customer.

User Friendly Tools Designed for Everybody

You will have quick and easy access to all the bookie software features that are especially designed to help your business grow and expand. They can easily be customized to display specific real-time information for specific hours, days, months or years to suit your needs. In addition, there are exclusive multiple reporting systems for you to pull 17 different reports, such as player management, cash flow, action by player and much more to ensure that your business is functioning well.

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

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