Bookie Pay per Head Solutions: 3 Words All Clients Appreciate

There are three key words that the clients of your Bookie Pay per Head Solutions business really enjoy to hear.bookie-pay-per-head-solutions-words-clients-appreciate

Behavioral research has shown that these words are very effective, and here is some information related to them that can be useful in order to apply them to the marketing plan for your bookie Services operation.


Bookie Pay per Head Solutions: The 3 Words:


First Word: FREE

This is truly a non-shocker as “free” is a word that clients of all types, including those whom are looking for Bookie Pay per Head Solutions, really appreciate.

This is a word that is considered a top option when you really want to get the attention of a specific group of people.

In fact, FREE is a word that is almost synonymous with expectation and it also seems to be hardwired to the brains of consumers.

When you use FREE in your own bookmaking Pay per Head Solutions sports betting operation, you really want to stay away from things such as offering false promises to prospective clients.

You want players that visit your website to feel like value seekers instead of bargain hunters. This means that when you offer something for free, people really need to see the value of the “free” part of the promotion that you are running.

According to recent studies, people is not going to respond well with a promo that has the tag “free” on it but which still requires the consumer to make some sort of additional purchase.

In your case as a Bookie Pay per Head Solutions provider, you can offer free things such as your very own newsletter, podcasts, or maybe even a small free play at the casino, no strings attached.

You can also opt for offering a free promo such as one week to try out your services, or also an object such as a nice pen or a piece of sports memorabilia after a new client signs up.

The kinds of things that you give out for free are really totally up to you. Just be careful not to offer things that you can’t deliver or you might end up losing some credibility.



In general, consumers want to see results instantly, either when they buy a product or obtain a given service.

When running a Bookie Pay per Head Solutions operation, you truly want to be the kind of agent that attends to the needs and concerns of your clients INSTANTLY.

When a player wants to place a bet, you should be able to allow him or her to do it right away, which is why working with a Price per Head Services shop is certainly a great idea.

Old school bookies certainly didn’t had the opportunity of taking all the wagers of their customers immediately because their resources were very limited.

But since that is a thing from the past, make sure that you are always available to the customers of your Bookie Pay per Head Solutions startup company in one way or the other in order to help them with anything they need other than taking bets personally.


Word 3: NEW

New is a word that appeals to novelty, so this is definitely one that you can use to hook, for example, clients of other Bookie Pay per Head Solutions operations whom are currently dissatisfied with the service they are receiving and are looking for something NEW.

Although “new” is a very powerful word, you still need to consider the value of keeping a familiar brand with clients, which means that “new” is a word that you can use for promotional campaigns to sign more customers and not on your regular content for existing players.

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