Bookie Tips: Best Apps for Entrepreneurs

In a world where mobile capabilities are as powerful as desktops and laptops, it is a smart idea to count with useful apps that can

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help you build your bookie price per head business.


Bookie Tips: Recommended Apps

Here are some of the apps that we believe can come quite handy for bookmaking pay per head entrepreneurs:


To-Do Lists

Todo7: This is a stylish app that is widely considered as the best collaborative task manager in the world.

It provides bookie Price per Head Services providers with flexible, large task listing options and it is available on Android, iOS and web.

It offers a free version, but users will need to get a subscription for extras such as cloud storage or multi-platform.


Todoist: This is also a great option for bookie entrepreneurs that want to keep organized projects and to-do lists. It comes with a nice, clean layout, and it features great plugins for web browsers.

There is a free version, but if you want to add extra details, pictures and comments, you will need to get the paid version.


Project Management

Basecamp: This is a project management service that allows users to keep track of to-do lists, schedules and files. It is great for viewing day-to-day projects and it offers a nice interface.

You can opt for getting the free version, but to get the best experience, we recommend you the paid one.


Trello: This is a project management app that makes it possible for the bookie price per head entrepreneur to organize all kinds of tasks with anyone. It also offers a drag and drop interface and best of all, it is completely FREE.


Time Management

RescueTime: This app serves as a time meter that is going to send you weekly reports on where is it that you are wasting time. It lists your major distractions and it provides you with the ability for creating customized reports.


ATracker: This is also a fantastic app for keeping an eye on tasks on your phone based on time consumption. By using this tool, the bookie Pay per Head entrepreneur is able to work on unlimited tasks and it also offers a good number of calendar chart styles.


Staying Focused

Focus@Will: This is an app that combines neuroscience with music in order to allow users to increase their productivity levels up to 400%

This application for your smartphone plays music in the background that stimulates the user’s senses instead of serving as an unnecessary distraction.


Focus Booster: This is an app that was specially designed for the procrastinator type as it enhances the user’s focus. It offers a clean dashboard with project stats and a variety of timer settings.


Goal Tracking This great application allows the bookie price per head provider to monitor his current tasks and to keep track on his short-term or long-term goals. It offers a stylish interface and it allows users to analyze goal data.


LifeTick: This app was created for both professional and personal goal tracking. It allows people to set as many as ten core values. It is also possible to customize goal priorities and it offers a visualization module.


Automating Everything

IFTTT: This is a service that makes it possible to automate all of your web services. It is great for small tasks, it is easy to understand and it comes with a nice, clear interface.


Zapier: This is a web service that allows the bookie price per head entrepreneur to automate tasks between web apps which are considered tedious. It supports the integration of as many as 250 applications and its pricing is quite flexible.

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