Bookie Tips To Keep Your Players Happy

Customer retention is always the key to run a successful bookmaking business. As a matter of fact, keeping existing players with long-term business relationship is more profitable than only acquiring new customers. Most important of all, the easiest way to grow your customer database is not to lose the good players you have because they not only stay betting with you but also recommend your service to more people. So, how can you keep your current players happy? Here are some efficient tips to make sure your players stay with your bookie business.

Find a correct Pay Per Head service

Some studies showed that approximate 18% of sports bettors left the website and looked for other option if they experienced any difficulties to use the betting site. This is why you need to carefully choose the right Pay Per Head service to partner with and offer the best you got to your players.

In fact, a good Pay Per Head service like provided can easily satisfy your customers’ needs and here are the examples:

  • Easy-to-use betting website 
  • Mobile-friendly interface for comfortably betting experience from anywhere
  • Professional customer support team with excellency and market knowledge
  • 24/7 online assistance with all kinds of inquiries and bets
  • Great variation of betting options for major fun


As a result, to provide a better customer experience and actively help your inexperienced players to get started can get a flying start.

Help your players win sometimes

Everyone likes to experience victory and it is actually the other key to keep the customers happy and active. We know that you need to earn more profits for business but a proper balance is necessary. In fact, a long losing run could make a customer feel frustrated and then leave and look for other competitor’s sportsbook. Hence, you can strategically start to offer information like betting tips, statistics or predictive analysis to increase the customer satisfaction. In addition, such quality tips can also help your players feel valued and ease losing runs, which will result in a more healthy and profitable long-term customer relationship.

Offer rewards and promotions

We all know that people always like to be motivated and valued. Therefore, to establish a reward system and offer credits and promotions become important to cheer up your loyal players. Eventually, it will turn out a win-win situation that your customers are happy earning points from their plays and start to refer more people to join you and in order to receive extra credits.