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    Did You Know That You Have Been Tracked?

    You may think that you are just an ordinary Internet user and there is no one would be interested in your online activities. You are wrong about it! Actually all your online activities are already collected from the common search engines you use everyday. Why have you been tracked? We...

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  • 25

    Which One Is Better, HTTPS Or VPN?

    Both HTTPs and VPN can do related things to protect user´s online security but in different ways. In fact, they work even better together to protect your security and privacy at a maximum level. Therefore, there is no hard decision for you to choose between both of them because there...

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  • 23

    Basic Insights About VPNs And HTTPS

    People tend to confuse VPNs and HTTPS since they do relate to each other in certain ways. Both of them are commonly used to protect Internet users’ privacy and online security. Here we are going to clarify what are VPNs and HTTPS for you in this article. What are VPN...

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  • 20

    What Will Happen To Our Cybersecurity In Nearly Future?

    Everyday there are millions of victims been attacked by new developed malware and also suffering by major data breaches impacts. Besides, governments from different countries have been modifying the laws all the time in order to monitor their citizens with all kind of manners. As a result, it becomes extremely...

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