Clear Cookies To Protect Your Online Privacy

Cookies have become an inseparable part of the Internet and we’d highly recommend that you should get familiar with what are the web cookies. Don’t get confused the cookies with viruses because they are barely harmful. However, cookies can be set to aggressively track and gather user’s online browsing habits for some advertising purposes to invade your privacy. Therefore, if you do not like the idea of being monitored, have a good habit to clear the cookies whenever you could to protect your own privacy.

Let’s go into more details about how different cookies compromise your privacy:  

Session cookies:

They won’t collect any personal identifiable data from user’s device. In other words, they don’t trigger any harm to your privacy.

Persistent cookies:

They are used to remember user’s login details, preferences, theme, language or any personalized features while navigating the websites. Which means that there is actually no absolute privacy or security and your personal data might become the victim by who is trying to steal access to web service accounts.

Marketing cookies:

These cookies make a profile to trace user’s online activities and browsing habits. They collect information from the users such as personal interests, gender, age, political or religious orientations and much more. Also they will remember what you have visited or searched digitally and keep sending you the similar advertisements. Therefore, users would be followed all around the world and of course there is no privacy at all.

These are just the examples about the common cookies that you can find. Don’t underestimate how much information the cookies could collect from you and the possibility of data leaking to the hackers. Therefore, it’s very necessary to create the good habits to delete the cookies in the browsers you usually use once in a while and then nobody can have the chance to invade your online privacy.     

Image by kalhh from Pixabay

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