Common Mistakes That Every Bookie Should Avoid

Anyone from any type of business can possibly make some mistakes. Same applies to bookie business that it’s almost impossible not to make mistakes along the way. However, it’s always easier to learn from other person’s blunders than those made by self. Therefore, this is why we are going to show you some common mistakes that most of bookies may make, as well as our suggestions on how these can be avoided.

Offer wrong odds

Setting odds is highly important because this is the only way for bookies to secure their profits. However, this is also the most error-prone time for every bookie. That’s because  it’s not easy to handle all the odds for thousands of events which are changing multiple times per minute. This is how getting a good Pay Per Head solution becomes crucial because they provide a professional team of line managers who are in charge of helping bookies set up the best odds and minimize any possible human errors. 

Fail on updating the website

Another common mistake that many bookies consists in the failure to present the most updated offer on the website. In other words, some bookies fail to update their websites and didn’t highlight the most attractive games on the main page. As a result, this error could lead to lower numbers of bets being placed by players and cause a significant profits loss. This is why you should consistently check on the operation of your website in order to retain quality customers.

Forget to set up betting limits

Everybody wants to make money even including your players. However, it is important to prevent a customer from getting completely broke is the key to make sure he/she continues playing and paying. In this case, monitoring the figure and setting up the betting limits for each player are necessary because what you need to maintain is a loyal customer not one-time visitor. Thanks to the advanced technology today, Pay Per Head software like offers the feature to send the notification letting you know

Delay the payment

Sometimes for being busy, many bookies might forget to pay their players on time which is a big NO NO to many customers. This kind of careless error may look tiny to you; however, it could generate a negative image to your business reputation and even cost you the whole bookie business. Simply consider the fact that nobody likes to be paid late even including you! Therefore, do your best to pay all your players full on time is the priority to do.

Be lazy

It’s true that there is no additional requirement and it’s simple to be a bookie, but it doesn’t mean that you don’t need to dedicate some time on managing your own business. Laziness is a business killer because if you don’t even care about your own business, then who else should care about it? Therefore, you should organize your time and choose the best hours that you feel most comfortable with the work. Remember the success of your career depends on how much you put your effort on.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay