Which One Is Better? Credit Agent Or Pay Per Head Agent?

There are multiple choices to be involved with the bookmaking business. You can choose to become a credit agent by partnering with any established offshore sportsbook. Or you can simply be your own business owner contracting the services provided by Pay Per Head company.

You may wonder which one is better?

Each of them has its own pros and cons at the same time; therefore, deciding which is the best option for you and the future of your business is very crucial. You’ll need to evaluate all the characteristics from both sides carefully and then choose the one that suits your needs better. Let us briefly clarify the differences between each of them for you.

Credit Agent

Credit agents are the bookies who choose to partner with an established offshore sportsbook. They make the money by working out a set percentage for the package. (For example, 50/50, 60/40, 70/30, etc.) As a result, the profits and losses are all shared and split between the offshore sportsbook and the agent.


This is usually a safe choice for many bookies who want to start with a financial backing. And the sportsbook takes the responsibility of all the betting processes such as setting oddsplacing betshandling payments etc. in exchange for a proportion of bookie’s business profit.


Of course, there is nothing perfect! There are some drawbacks to this kind of business deal as well. The bookie tends to have too little to decide on many aspects, for instances: they can’t decide how the lines are dealt, what wager types to place, product types, and many other details. That’s because their partnered sportsbook is the main one who sets the rules and the bookies have to accept all the terms for continuing this business partnership. Besides, the opportunity for the bookies themselves to grow is so limited since what the sportsbook is willing to offer might not necessarily be what players are truly interested in.

Pay Per Head Agent

Pay per head agents are bookies who want to start out and have 100% control of their own online business. They want to offer a big variety of betting products to their players for major interest so they contract the services with Pay Per Head Company.


Trustful pay per head companies with big success and more than 20 years of expertise in this bookmaking industry like PricePerHead.com are able to provide stability, security and flexibility to all their customers.

Bookies can fully control on setting odds, bets limitsmaximum payouts, types of lines and more. Additionally, they are able to customize players’ profiles in order to manage everything online with ease.

Moreover, bookies can have the freedom to decide if they want to handle the lines by themselves or simply leave all the complicated work to Pay Per Head line experts to deal for them instead. Bookies have also the full visibility on all their players’ activities and the access to run different types of reports through the software provided by the Pay Per Head company whenever needed.

The best part is that bookies only have to pay a tiny fee for each active player per week and they will have the complete access of the best online bookmaking solution to run their business.


The only drawback is that bookies have the obligation on paying and collecting money from their own players. Pay Per Head companies are totally not in charge of sharing the financial responsibility.

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

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