Detailed Explanation About How Beneficial Is Pay Per Head Service

You probably may hear a lot Pay Per Head or PPH service but not pretty sure what it is or how does it work for bookmaking business. Here comes the detailed explanation for you to understand how beneficial you will be to have Pay Per Head solution with your bookie business.

What is PPH/Pay Per Head?

“Pay Per Head” is simply defined as the exchange of full package of bookmaking solution for a weekly payment per each active player account. It’s an online management service for local bookmakers to operate their bookie business more easily.

How does PPH/Pay Per Head service work?

Once the bookie signed up with the right Pay Per Head provider, he/she’d be assigned with an agent account. After setting up the agent account, the bookie can assign unique usernames and passwords to his/her players for placing bets. Then, bookies just have to direct their players to bet on the specific online website 24/7 or simply have them to call the toll-free PPH support center for wagering any time they want.  

What can PPH/Pay Per Head Solution do?

PPH/Pay Per Head solution provides the features to generate hundreds of detailed reports for bookies. Agents could have the full access to manage their players’ profiles and even monitor their activities whenever they need. Therefore, the bookies are no longer need to track the actions manually. Bookies can not only check on their players’ real-time activities as mentioned above, but also easily move the betting lines and adjust the limits when necessary for guaranteeing the success of bookie business and even reducing any potential risks.

Besides, Pay Per Head solution is totally mobile compatible so agents and players can access their accounts from everywhere. Both players and agents would have access to a wide range of wagering options (including sportsbook, online casino) and also 24/7 customer and technical support services.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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