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What is a bookie?

A bookie is a slang term for a bookmaker, who takes bets from individuals on sporting events. Similar to a stock broker, a bookie takes money from clients to buy and trade stocks, while a bookie takes bets on sports events. Bookies offer sports betting services and provide a platform for sports bettors to place their wagers.

This document highlights the simplicity of starting your own sportsbook business and becoming a sports bookie. It emphasizes that the process is easy and accessible to anyone interested in venturing into this field. By reading through this document, you will gain a clear understanding of the steps involved in starting your own sportsbook business and embarking on your sports bookie journey.

What does it take to be a Bookie?

To be a successful bookie, there are several key characteristics that one must possess. 

  • Being good with numbers and organized are important qualities for a bookie.
  • Having a healthy tolerance for risk is beneficial, especially for those involved in stock market trading.
  • Being passionate about sports and staying updated with the latest news is advantageous.
  • Having start-up capital to cover expenses is necessary.
  • Understanding sports wagering or being willing to learn is crucial.
  • Being aware that being a bookie requires working on weekends and holidays.

Old School Bookmaking Methods are Becoming Obsolete

The pay per head industry is changing the negative perception of bookies. In the past, bookies were associated with shady, backroom operations. They would take bets over the phone and sometimes even involve underage runners. However, this image is being replaced by a more professional and technologically advanced approach. The pay per head industry allows bookies to offer their services online, making it more convenient and accessible for bettors. This shift is transforming the bookmaking industry and leaving behind the old school methods.

Pay per head services have revolutionized the sports betting scene, allowing even those who never thought about being a bookie to get in on the action. In today’s world, gambling is viewed more as a form of entertainment rather than a taboo. Everyday people now have the opportunity to place bets and some have even taken it a step further by managing their own online sportsbooks.

Nowadays, with all the technological progress, anyone can seize the chance to become a bookmaker. No longer is it reserved for sketchy characters lurking in dark corners to take bets and provide sports betting options.

The Sportsbook Industry has Undergone Significant Changes due to Advancements in Technology

The online sportsbook industry has been revolutionized by technology, particularly mobile tech. With the help of sportsbook software, anyone can easily establish their own online business. It doesn’t matter what profession or background you come from, as people from all walks of life can now create their own online sportsbooks. The best part is that they can manage their sportsbook businesses while juggling their day jobs. Whether it’s on the go or during the weekend, most sportsbook activities are conducted conveniently through mobile phones.

With pay per head, anyone can effortlessly operate their own online sportsbook business. This incredible industry is an ideal opportunity for recent college graduates seeking to alleviate their student loan burden. Moreover, stay-at-home moms aspiring to earn additional income can also reap the benefits. Additionally, individuals who were once sports bettors and now dream of becoming online bookmakers can find their perfect calling as pay per head agents.

The Rapid Advancement of Technology is Finally Being Embraced by the U.S. Sports Betting Law

The United States is finally embracing the pay per head sports betting revolution as laws are evolving to keep up. Back in 2018, the U.S. Supreme Court overturned the 1992 Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, which previously restricted sports betting to Nevada only. It’s a new era where sportsbooks are becoming legal in more states across the country.

Several states, such as New Jersey and Delaware, have already given the green light to sportsbooks. If this legal momentum keeps up, the majority of states in the U.S. will likely legalize sports betting in the near future. This shift is expected to boost the success of per head sportsbook operators.

The sports betting industry will thrive as it continues to dismantle outdated, pessimistic notions associated with bookmaking, benefiting all involvedE

The Path to Profit Through Taking Action

In the realm of online business, the ultimate aim is to achieve profit. Without profit, the fate of online businesses is sealed. While sales revenue is undoubtedly important, it is the profit that truly holds the key. If a business fails to convert its revenue into profit, it is bound to shut down. It’s worth noting that although bookmakers may resemble stock brokers in certain aspects, they do not operate companies that trade stocks.

Understanding the distinction is crucial. When it comes to selling stock, companies prioritize revenue over profit as it signifies growth on Wall Street. However, for sportsbook operators, growth is measured in terms of profit. Growing companies that trade stocks on an exchange prioritize sales over profit. On the other hand, bookies prioritize profit over sales.

Understanding the key to making a profit with your online sportsbook is crucial. Let us reveal the secret that leads to the success of every sportsbook, whether it’s in Las Vegas or elsewhere.

It’s a known fact that every sportsbook out there struggles to make consistent profits from sports betting

Have we just sparked your curiosity? Repeat after us, “Sportsbooks never achieve a consistent profit from sports betting.”

Yes, sports betting is definitely a part of it. However, as a bookie, the actual process of sports betting doesn’t directly contribute to making a profit. Instead, bookmakers generate their profits through service fees, which are commonly referred to as vigorish, vig, or juice. When a bookie enables bettors to place their bets, they are essentially offering a betting service and earn a fee for providing that service.

Bettors contribute to the profit through the fees they pay, rather than the actual bets they place.

Imagine, for a moment, the thrilling world of the racetrack

Horse races are held at racetracks where people can place bets on the horses. The racetrack profits by taking a percentage of the total amount wagered in each betting pool, regardless of which horse wins the race. This is how racetracks generate revenue.

Bookmakers operate in a similar manner. They earn their profits by charging a commission, which is a percentage of every bet placed. Usually, this commission stands at 10%, but there are instances where it can be higher. For instance, when the Superbowl has a closely contested outcome, bettors may have to risk a greater amount than the usual 10% commission.

Here is how this works:

For example the bettor puts down $100 on Team A to beat the spread against Team B.

We deduct our 10% fee of $10 right away. This fee covers the cost of our betting service. If the bettor wins, we hand out $190. If the bettor loses, we retain the $100.

It’s as easy as that. You might be pondering at this stage, “What happens if the sports bettor actually wins the bet? How do we make money if we have to pay out $100?”.

It’s a great question! Bookies who partner with pay per head services utilize various tools to maximize their profits, with the layoff account being a key weapon in their arsenal.

By using the Layoff Account, bookies can minimize their risk and maximize their profits.

Let’s take a quick trip back to the racetrack

The racetrack remains impartial to the outcome of the race, as its main concern lies in providing a wagering service and collecting a fee for it. When a bet is placed on a winning horse, the racetrack deducts its fee and adds the remaining amount to a pool. Once the race concludes, the money in the pool is distributed among the fortunate bettors who made winning wagers.

Vegas sportsbooks employ a comparable technique. Prior to delving into the technique, it’s crucial to grasp the concept of the spread.

Vegas sportsbooks employ a comparable technique. Prior to delving into the technique, it’s crucial to grasp the concept of the spread.

Team A is favored by -3½ points with odds of -110

Team B is the underdog with odds of +3½ and -110

In the scenario mentioned earlier, the spread represents the points assigned to each team. When a sports bettor places a bet on Team A with the spread, they will only secure a win if Team A defeats Team B by a minimum of 4 points. By supporting Team A, the sports bettor is giving away 3½ points.

When a sports bettor places a wager on Team B against the spread, they can still win even if Team B loses by 3 points or less. By betting on Team B, the sports bettor is given an advantage of 3½ points.

The winning team in terms of the spread is known to have covered ATS (against the spread). Vegas sportsbooks are solely focused on the commission they earn from offering betting services. It doesn’t matter to sportsbooks whether Team A or Team B covers the spread.

In the realm of Las Vegas sportsbooks, they cleverly pocket the fees before executing their strategic move. They ingeniously utilize the losing wagers from one side of the spread to settle the debts on the victorious side. Let’s say a daring bettor placed a $100 wager on Team A and emerged triumphant, the sportsbook would astutely employ the very $100 that was bet on Team B to reward the victorious player who placed their bet on Team A.

Vegas sportsbooks thrive on the massive sums of money wagered on both sides of a spread, making it a winning formula for them. However, this strategy doesn’t always translate well for pay per head agents. That’s precisely why online bookie agents have the advantage of utilizing a layoff account.

The Layoff Account Unlock the potential for consistent profits with the layoff account.

This powerful tool empowers bookies to minimize their risk exposure, enabling pay per head agents to thrive in the betting industry.

Imagine this scenario: Picture one of your players placing a bold $5,000 bet on Oakland to cover the spread against Kansas City. Now, with a 10% fee, the cost of this wager amounts to $500. Naturally, you want to safeguard yourself from having to pay out on such a substantial bet. However, the unfortunate reality is that only $2,500 has been wagered on Kansas City. This creates a spread deficit of $2,500. In the event that Oakland emerges victorious, your online sportsbook will need to dig deeper into its pockets and shell out an additional $2,500 to honor the winning wager.

With the layoff account, bookies can effectively manage their risk. Imagine being able to place a $2,500 bet on Oakland using your layoff account. If Oakland comes out on top, you can use your winnings to settle the $5,000 wager you made on them. However, if Oakland falls short, you can rely on $2,500 from the Oakland bettor to balance out your layoff account. It’s a clever way to stay in control, no matter the outcome.

Online sportsbook bookies can ensure a steady stream of income by leveraging the layoff account, which allows them to profit from betting fees.


Safeguarding Your Profits on Futures and Moneylines

The layoff account is just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to maximizing profit. Online bookies can further protect themselves by utilizing the mass editing tool to establish maximum betting limits, ensuring they don’t take on too much risk.

The Philadelphia team shocked everyone by winning the Super Bowl a few seasons back, despite being a long shot at 40/1 odds before the season started. A $100 bet on Philadelphia at those odds would have resulted in a hefty $4,100 payout. To minimize risk, bookies could have limited bets on Super Bowl futures to $50, reducing their potential losses from $4,100 to $2,100. Remember, there are no spreads for future bets or moneyline bets, so it’s crucial to establish maximum betting limits for all future and moneyline wagers.

Want to stay on top of your betting game? Look no further than the BetAlert tool! This handy feature notifies agents whenever a wager is made, allowing them to take immediate action. With the mass editing tool, bookie agents can easily set maximum betting limits, ensuring a fair and controlled betting experience.

What exactly is the Bookie Bankroll?

To succeed as a bookie, it’s crucial to grasp the concept of managing the bookie bankroll. Just like any other business, having enough funds to cover expenses is key. From paying out winning bets to covering software costs, a bookie must stay on top of their financial game.

The bookie gathers up all the losing bets, and then utilizes those very bets to pay out the winners.

Your bookie bankroll is like a separate treasure chest, filled with money that is separate from the winnings and losses of bets. It’s like your starting capital, your initial investment. The size of your bookie bankroll is entirely up to you and how daring you want to be in attracting players. It also depends on the kind of players you want to cater to with your betting services.

Casual players tend to wager less compared to professional players. If you cater to a niche of amateur players, your bookie bankroll should be approximately $5,000. However, if you cater to professional players, it is advisable to start with no less than $10,000 in your bankroll. The larger your bookie bankroll, the stronger your position will be as an online bookie.

Keep in mind that utilizing the layoff account can contribute to maximizing profits. However, it’s important to exercise caution and not rely on it too frequently.

Ensure that you have a sufficient safety net in place to withstand any unexpected occurrences. For instance, failing to establish maximum betting limits for a player exploiting a moneyline.

In order to safeguard against unforeseen circumstances that could jeopardize your business, it’s crucial to allocate as many resources as possible to your bookie bankroll prior to commencing operations.

Is it Wise to Offer Credit?

Issuing credit can be quite intimidating. After all, it means that you are trusting the player to pay you even if they lose their bets. The fear stems from the fact that not all players are prompt in settling their gambling debts. Sometimes, they do pay, but not as quickly as you would prefer.

However, as an online bookie, it is crucial to consider offering credit to your players. They have choices, and if they are restricted to playing only with the money they deposit, they might opt for an offshore sportsbook instead of yours.

But here’s the thing – issuing credit doesn’t have to be a scary ordeal. It can be managed effectively. One of the valuable tools at your disposal as a pay per head agent is the settle alert tool. This tool allows you to set up alerts that notify you when it’s time to collect from the players. With this feature, you can stay on top of your credit transactions and ensure a smooth process.

This system serves two important purposes. Firstly, it prevents players from accumulating excessive debts. If players owe too much, you may need to stop their betting. By setting up a settle alert, players can better manage their betting funds, ensuring they can keep on playing.

Additionally, a pre-settle notification saves bookies from having to track down players for payments. The settle alert notifies online bookies in advance of when a player needs to settle up. This keeps both players and bookies one step ahead.

Bookies can also utilize the settle alert feature to notify them before they need to make payouts. This helps avoid the need for bookies to make large payouts all at once.

Using Agent Payment System (APS)

Running an online sportsbook may seem unique, but at its core, it operates like any other business. Cash flow is essential for success in any industry, and the Agent Payment System (APS) by Price per Head is designed to streamline this process. With APS, bookies can easily manage payouts and collections, while players can make fast deposits, ultimately accelerating the flow of cash.

In the end, a bookie utilizing the APS ends up with a surplus of cash compared to what it pays out. This surplus enables the online bookie to amass wealth similar to a beloved tech giant.

What sets Price per Head’s Agent Payment System apart is not just its ability to facilitate faster payouts, player deposits, and collections. It also empowers agents to conduct transactions in both traditional currency and cryptocurrencies.

The sports betting industry has embraced cryptocurrencies due to their efficiency. Crypto transactions, whether it’s deposits, payouts, or collections, are executed at a much faster pace than those involving fiat currency. Additionally, there is a certain level of privacy associated with crypto transactions that is lacking in credit card payments or bank transfers.

Boosting cash flow is crucial for pay per head agents to thrive in the industry. By maintaining a healthy bankroll and utilizing the Agent Payment System, bookies can set themselves up for success. It’s all about smart money management and strategic growth.

Success hinges on having a solid cash foundation, resisting the urge to dip into it, and steadily growing it over time. The Agent Payment System is a tool that aids agents in maintaining a healthy cash flow. Bookies who opt out of using the APS put themselves at a disadvantage.

The Price per Head Agent Dashboard

Up until now, we’ve provided an answer to the question, “How do I start a bookie service?”. We’ve also delved into the inner workings of bookmaking and explored the Agent Payment System, a tool frequently utilized by Price per Head online bookie agents that sets them apart from others in the industry.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the specifics. The Price per Head agents enjoy a significant advantage over other per head agents, thanks to the remarkable Price per Head dashboard.

You might assume that all pay per head dashboards are identical, but that’s not entirely true. What sets the Price per Head dashboard apart is its ability to showcase over 15 different reports. This means that bookies who team up with Price per Head can easily access and display the bookmaking reports that are most crucial to their operations.

As the CEO of your online sportsbook company, it is crucial to boost your cash flow and grow your bankroll. The Price per Head generated reports offer valuable insights that can help you achieve this goal. These reports provide actionable information, which is exactly what C-level executives like yourself need to make critical decisions. By leveraging the data from these reports on your dashboard, you can make key choices that will have a direct impact on your cash flow. For instance, you could implement a schedule limit override for a specific game, set maximum betting limits on certain wagers, or even explore marketing opportunities like NASCAR to generate additional revenue. Remember, without the valuable information provided by these reports, you won’t be able to identify the important decisions that can drive your success.

Bookies who are just starting out need to keep a close eye on the wagers report, which breaks down bets by business unit – such as football, basketball, baseball, and more. In addition to providing this breakdown, the wagers report also allows bookmakers to remove bets directly from the report. It’s crucial for new bookies to be cautious of large wagers that could potentially harm their business. The best course of action is to remove risky bets before they cause any damage.

Prioritize removing these large wagers and then communicate with the bettor about why you had to take this step. Simply explain that you are a new business and are not yet equipped to handle such high-stakes bets. Most players will understand, especially if you have not extended them credit. Always consider the impact of your decisions on your business, as experienced bettors may try to exploit any weaknesses. Stay vigilant and prioritize the well-being of your business when making decisions.

Price per Head 24/7 Customer Service

Price per Head offers round-the-clock customer support to all bookies who join forces with them. No matter the number of clients a bookie agent has, they can rely on the Price per Head customer service team to address any inquiries they may have.

Are you prepared to take the leap into becoming an online bookie? If you’re ready to dive in, reach out to a Price per Head customer service representative at +1 (888) 774-7467. Alternatively, you can also register for a demo today.

We are confident that you have what it takes to thrive as a bookie. Contact us and let us assist you on your path to success in the world of bookmaking.

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