Easily Manage Your Players With Mobile Devices

Once you partnered with the trustful Pay Per Head company, you can use many functions from their software package which is very useful to secure the success of your bookie business. In addition, all these useful features are even accessible on any kinds of mobile smart devices that you probably utilize a lot on a daily basis. Since most of people use mobile devices frequently even including yourself, learning how to manage your players with mobile devices becomes practical and essential to move your business to the next level. Now, we want to recommend you to check these features on your mobile devices which will definitely help you on your business management.

Player management:

First of all, this is the main feature that you should use anytime you need. Here you can find all your players’ profiles and you are able to modify their wager and credit limits through your mobile devices easily. Besides, you can also conveniently include any player’s extra information or even adjust the payments no matter where you are.

Analysis reporting:

Such feature provides you a detailed report with the visibility of any specific player you choose. In other words, you are able to monitor all your players by breaking down the types of bets, sports and even specific time frame as you wish. Actually, this is a great method for you to check on your players’ betting activities so you are able to mitigate the risk of losing too much money and make changes as soon as possible.

Player balance:

This feature shows each player’s balance in a daily, weekly form or any time frame you need to see. Through your mobile devices, you can easily and quickly to check how much each player is up or down on his/her account and ensure nobody is owing you money more than they can afford to pay.

Alert setup:

In fact, it is an important feature that you should make sure the wager alert is set up. This is a self-notification that will arrive to you in the format of an email or text message if certain players or wagers placed are above the set amount. Therefore, from anywhere you can keep your bookie business as balanced as possible when all the situation is under control.

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

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