Free Pay per Head: Why a Trial Period Equals High Quality

If you’re interested in free Pay per Head sportsbook bookie software services; then it likely means that you want to integrate a good pph solution to

Free Pay per Head: Why a Trial Period Equals High Quality
Free Pay per Head: Why a Trial Period Equals High Quality

your bookmaking operation; but want to try it before paying for it.

If that’s the case, this article can help yo determine if the sports betting and casino services you are being offered are worthy of good free Pay per Head bookie software reviews.


What does Free Pay per Head mean?

Free Pay per Head means that you’re going to be granted a certain period of time for trying the pph solutions out.

It is common for the best pph companies to offer a Pay per Head Free Trial of one full week.

The reason for this is because seven days gives sports betting agents the right amount of time to fully check everything that is offered.

A Pay per Head shop that offers less than one free week probably don’t count with efficient sports bookie software.

So, they just want you to quickly check out their bookmaking software in order to force you to sign up.

On the other hand, offering one week Pay per Head Free Trial means that the pph shop does trust in the product and services it offers.

And so they don’t have any problems with you checking out their sports betting software.

And the reason is because they know that the bookmaking agent will be ultimately satisfied with what he’s getting.

As you can see, as a top bookmaker, you need to look for the Pay per Head sportsbook free trial that is not too extensive; but that is not shorter than required either.



What is Free Pay per Head Service?

If you’re wondering what is free pay per head service, it means that you’ll get to try the following:


Free Pay per Head Sports Bookie Software

Trying free Pay per Head sportsbook software is definitely one of the best advantages of the trial period.

Doubtlessly, Pay per Head sports bookie software is at the core of the success of a modern bookmaking and casino operation.

So, counting with the right product is essential to run the wagering and casino business properly.

You want this free Pay per Head bookmaking software to include:


A good variety of reports

As a top bookmaker, you want to check the different angles of your business. And you can only do this by counting with Pay per Head custom bookie software that includes a good number of varied agent reports.


Full customization options

You want to have the option of customizing every report as per your convenience. And, you also want to be able to create your own lines; or to move the current lines at your own will.


Real-time data

This is another feature you can’t miss. The reason is because you want to check how your business is currently doing versus your sports betting players. In other words, you want to know what you exposure is; and you also want to immediately identify any wise action in order to deal with it immediately.


Extensive wagering menu

Your players must have enough options to place their bets. If you fail to offer sports betting players a large wagering menu, you run the risk of losing their business. In fact, you want your players to have the opportunity of placing bets not only on sports or horses, but also on other sports and misc events.



When you check this free Pay per Head sports bookie software; make sure that it is fully user friendly. You really want to avoid dealing with a price per head shop that offers you a product that includes a long learning curve.


Full Support

The trial period will also give you the opportunity of checking if the support that you are receiving for the free Pay per Head bookmaking software is optimal.



Free Pay per Head Internet and Call Center Services

Your free Pay per Head trial will also allow you try the pph shop’s web and call center wagering services.


Internet Betting

Most players get their action using their mobile devices. So, making the option of placing their bets online available to them is essential.

As a top bookmaker you want this online wagering service to include:

  • A user-friendly interface: Just like in the case with your own free Pay per Head sportsbook software; you also want your clients to have a comfortable, user-friendly experience when placing their online bets.
  • Customization: You also want to be able to count with a custom free Pay per Head site that includes a custom look and domain name. And you also want to have the option of showing the wagering options you want show to all; or just to a handful of players.


Call Center

Apart from placing online bets, many players also prefer a more personalized service; and for this reason, they like to call in for their action.

So, to count with a high-quality call center solution is definitely a must-have to remain competitive.

An outstanding free Pay per Head call center trial period will give you the chance to verify if this service includes:

  • Multilingual, Native Speakers: Players are very demanding and they usually prefer to talk with clerks that are able to speak their language at a native level. And, you also want this call center solution to be multilingual in order to give you the opportunity of signing up clients from different mother tongues.
  • 800 Number: A top bookmaker should count with his own toll free number. So, this is a service that you need to make sure it is also included in the pph services package.



Free Pay per Head Casino

Although the core of your business may be sports or horse betting; you also want to count with an online casino solution.

This is because you want to give your players the opportunity to play casino games without having to visit a different online website.

This is definitely a win-win because you are allowing players to satisfy all their gaming needs; and at the same time, you increase your profits considerably.


As you can see, there are certainly elements that a pph shop must count with in order to become your number one choice during the trial period, and also to get the best free Pay per Head bookie service reviews.


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