Freelancing Guide to Becoming a Bookie: Price per Head Services

When you decide to start a bookie business, chances are that you would want to save as much cash as possible while also making as guide-becoming-bookie-price-per-headmany profits as your sports betting operation allows it, and in order to reach this goal, Price per Head services are indeed essential.


What is Price per Head?


When someone refers to the concept of Price per Head, this means that a bookie or agent pays a weekly “per head” fee to a third-party company that offers him the services that are needed to not only fulfill the wagering needs of his current players, but to also expand and get new non-local clients thanks to the use of the internet.


Per Head Fee: How it Works


The weekly per head fee that is charged to agents by the Price per Head company is paid for every single client the agent has on his bookmaking portfolio.

The good thing is that bookies only have to pay for those clients whom have had any sort of wagering activity during a given week.

In other words, they only have to pay for the players whom have utilized any of the company’s resources such as the call center or the internet to process their betting action.

For example, if you are an agent that has 50 clients and all of your players placed wagers during the week, then you must pay for all of them.

On the other hand, if on a given week only 10 of your players placed bets, then you only have to pay the Price per Head Company for those ten bettors!

That is indeed a great advantage for agents that are just starting their freelancing bookmaking business and whom work with a budget.

It is of course also great for those established agents whom are getting great profits and wish to avoid spending on overhead costs.


Top Services

The solutions offered by a top Price per Head provider includes (but are not limited to):

  • 24/7 access to an offshore call center
  • Internet wagering data processing
  • Bookie Software
  • Betting using mobile technology (such as smartphones and tablets)
  • Casino games for players


Offshore Call Center

Picture yourself renting an office and filling it with the right equipment and all the people necessary to process wagers. It is certainly an expensive thought! Right?

When a bookie goes by himself without the help of a Price per Head establishment, he needs to incur into this kind of overhead costs, which can dramatically diminish the cash that he perceives.

This all changes when agents decide to partner with a PPH shop as the company counts with a fully-working offshore call center that is filled with properly trained personnel that is ready to process the betting action of players or to provide them with other kind of customer services.

How it works: When your clients want to place some wagers, they won’t have to call you personally to get their action. Instead, they can get in touch with one of the clerks at the call center, whom will process their bets.

If a player knows what he wants to wager on, then he can place his bets right away. On the other hand, he can also feel free to ask for a rundown of the games that are currently available on the board.


Your own 800 Number

A great feature that comes with Price per Head call center services is a personal 800 number for every single agent.

This 800 number is fully paid by the PPH shop and allows players to get in touch with the call center for free at any given time on a 24-7 schedule that goes year round.

When you sign a brand new client, all of which that person is going to need in order to get his wagers processed are 3 things:

  • A login
  • A Password
  • Your 800 Number


Internet Solutions

Partnering with a Price per Head Company not only grants your clients access to a call center but also to a secure website where they can place their wagers.

The PPH Shop can either offer you, as a bookie, your own website, including a domain name of your choice and your own design choices, or you can also opt for using generic websites, which are used by most agents.

If you wish to have your own personalized website, you will likely have to pay a one-time small fee for its construction, but the advantage if that you basically won’t have to pay for web designers or programmers as the Price per Head company has this kind of personnel available that will do all the work for you.

They will indeed provide you with a fully-running site that only your clients will have access to.

Having your own website and also the aforementioned 800 number means that even though you don’t have a physical establishment, you certainly have all the tools that you need to grow up as a freelancing bookmaker.

Using the generic websites which belong to the PPH shop is also a great alternative. Most bookies use such sites and they never experience any kind of trouble as they are maintained and monitored on a constant basis by the shop’s own team of computer techs.

By the way, such maintenance also includes your personalized site, and what is best, the shop is not going to charge you anything extra for it.


Bookie Software

A top Price per Head provider offers services not only for your clients, but also for you as it grants freelancing agents full, unrestricted access to bookie software.

A modern version of bookie software allows agents to check on all the information related to their betting operation on an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis.

When a player makes a bet either online or over the call center, that data is automatically recorded in your agent records.

This means that every time you check your bookie software, you will get fresh information about the current and past wagering activity of each one of your clients.

This is a great advantage for you as a bookie because it will prevent you from having to process this data all by yourself, meaning that you are getting the right data and zero mistakes.

With bookie software you can also check on what is currently being offered to wager on by the Price per Head Company and alternatively, you can opt for choosing what your players can bet on or not.

For example, you can allow certain clients to have access to football lines and deny that same privilege to others.

Another great factor concerning your bookie software is that you can update betting lines at will. If you think that you can improve the current wagering lines on the board, then you can do your updates with just a few clicks. If the line moves on the board, then your updated line will also move but accordingly to your changes.

If you work with sub-agents (those whom are getting you new clients and handling your business matters in their respective regions for a commission), you can also manage their data in an effortless way.

Essentially, bookie software makes it possible for you to keep an eye over every single aspect of your wagering operation, which allows you to take better business decisions that can improve your profitability opportunities.

To have a better idea of how bookie software looks like and what it does, check out this video on Management Report:


For more helpful videos on bookie software, feel free to visit this Price per Head YouTube Channel



A Price per Head Company counts with its own team of lines managers, whom are in charge of handling and updating betting lines.

If you love the profits part of a wagering business but you are not too fond of the math part, then you will certainly find this lines service more than useful.

In fact, if you desire it, once you start working with a Price per Head shop you won’t ever have to move a line ever again in order to get your business going.


Mobile Betting

When signing up with a Price per Head establishment, another great service that you will get for no extra cost is mobile wagering.

Although this is an online betting service, is not the same as placing bets on a laptop or a PC as mobile technology is especially adapted to allow bettors to use their smartphones and tablets to get their action.


This is quite advantageous because players can basically place wagers from virtually any place if they count with their own internet plan or from any Wi-Fi spot available out there.

It is also a very discreet service! Bettors can actually place bets without anybody around them knowing what they are doing.

This is indeed a service that will be much appreciated by most, if not every single one of your customers.


Casino Gaming

Sometimes as a bookie you will realize that there are just not enough sporting events and attractive games on the board to allow you to continue to make steady profits, especially when one important season is over and another one is just starting.

This is the main reason why Price per Head services offer online casino games such as poker, black jack, roulette, etc.

There are two varieties of casino services available: Virtual and Live

Virtual games are the most commonly utilized games by online players. These are the electronic ones.

The live games are the ones that require human interaction, meaning that the dealers on the different tables are actually human beings. These come with a chat where players can interact with each other.


Avoid Legal Hassles

Since you will not be doing any data processing yourself when working with a PPH shop, you will certainly avoid any unwanted lawful situations related to local gambling policies.

What is great about this is that by using Pay per Head Solutions, your clients are actually never getting in direct contact with you for their wagering action.

This means that you can run a profitable freelancing business with few to none inconveniences!


Getting Started

If you have acquired the necessary knowledge to start a freelancing Bookie Services business, then it is time for you to get your own Price per Head services in order to start making profits ASAP.

If you are still not too sure where to start, here are the links for the two previous articles on this special series titled “Freelancing Guide to Bookmaking” to help you out:


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If you are a bookie that still has no clients, then signing up for the solutions of a PPH shop, will make your business very attractive in the eyes of prospective clients.

If you already have some players but you are still doing everything manually, doubtless your current (and future) clients will really praise you for improving the way in which you run your sports betting operation.

To get started using Price per Head services, all you need to do is to get in touch with a general manager who is going to be your guide during the sign up process.

If you currently have clients or not, the PPH shop will likely ask you for a one-time down payment as a sign of good faith, which will then be used as part of your weekly fees.

This means that even though you need to give some cash in advance when you sign up, all that cash is then going to be used to your favor.

Once you have signed up and agreed to a weekly “per head” fee for the services package that you chose, then you can start getting clients and providing them with their respective user names and passwords so they can start placing bets right away.

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