How To Create Strong Passwords

We are going to provide some guidelines to show you how to create the strong passwords for your online security. Following these guidelines will immediately improve and make your passwords stronger and protected. Especially for your online bank accounts or any kind of sensitive websites, it’s highly important to use stronger passwords so any invaders can’t easily guess your passwords and stole your personal data.

Here’s how you start with a good password:

Try to avoid short passwords:

Choose at least 10 characters for your passwords. The more characters your password has, the more time taken for any hacker to decrypt it.

Make the passwords more complicated:

You should include upper- and lower-case letters, numbers or even special characters into your passwords. The more complex existed within the password, the better security you would get.

Passwords managers are good tools: 

Long passwords are difficult for anyone to remember, especially when you use different ones for diverse websites or services. Therefore, you can make good use of these popular passwords managers like Dashlane 4 or LastPass 4.0 which can give you a great help on managing your login details.

Create mnemonics: 

If you are not interested on those passwords manager tools, perhaps you should try to create memorable phrases as an alternative. Think about something related to the websites or services you’d use them for in order to make them easier for you to remember. For example: if you are signing up for Price Per Head service, you can think about a sentence for the password such as “I use Price Per Head to make money” then turn it to a mnemonic password like “IuPPH2m$$$.” Now your password contains all 4 types of characters and it’s complicated, moderately lengthy and simple for you to remember. 

Use the Diceware technique:

It is the method for creating a mix of several random words to protect your account. The human brain is not quite agile with stringing together the random words, so the EFF website has a list of numbered words prepared for you. You just roll 5 normal game dices all at once to pick up a set of numbers, and then use these numbers to look for the corresponding words within the suggested website. A combination like “gift pineapple fashion green cold love” is extremely hard for other people to guess your password due to its randomness, but only you know it.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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