How To Minimize The Risks With Your Subagents

If you are thinking to expand the size of your bookmaking business, having some subagents to give you extra hand on the work can become quite useful and even necessary. Because it is the great way to acquire more players since each person has different contacts method. However, you shouldn’t be too confident with the people and it is very important to keep a close eye on your subagents and their players. We are not saying to trust no one or all people will steal from you. It’s simply better to be more cautious in order to minimize the risks in this competitive industry. There are some details that you can’t omit as below suggested.

Solidify the percentages

You need to properly solidify the commissions on how much your subagents will receive for recruiting more new players. If your subagents are responsible whether the players pay or not, you may not set up a too low percentage for your subagents. Because they will probably face the situation that they can’t earn anything if the players have some winning weeks. Therefore, it’s crucial to set up the good percentage that both of you agree on in order to make your people feel pleased working for you and keep a good business relationship.

Setting control

Make sure to set up only viewing rights for your subagents on your Pay Per Head software. Which means that each of the subagents will have his/her separate log in with his/her own players listed in the system. They are able to review their players’ daily or weekly figures but can’t make any adjustments such as deleting wagers, changing lines, creating receipts…etc. Giving too many rights might result in causing the greed to your subagents and probably ends up cheating or stealing from you. In case if you do give certain rights to them, just carefully monitor players’ activities and make sure there is nothing suspicious going on.

Make the good use of reports feature

Remember to make the good use of your Pay Per Head software because there is the feature to pull up multiple detailed reports on all activities. You should keep tracking those tempered wagers (deleted, modified, filled open wagers) to confirm if there is something suspicious behind it. If you find anything that you are unaware about, you have to immediately bring it up to your subagent’s attention and decide the further action to follow.

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

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