How To Stay Anonymous in Bookie Business

If you just start out your own bookie business, you should know that it is important not to draw too much unneeded attention to yourself in this industry. This is because bookie business might not be legal in certain countries; therefore, it is better to be extra careful and stay anonymous as much as you can. Continue reading this article and learn how to stay anonymous to protect your identity. Below are the suggested channels for you to effectively stay anonymous in your bookie business.

Trustful Pay Per Head Service

A trustful Pay Per Head service offers a strong secure system with the end-to-end encryption technology to protect both bookies and players’ data and transactions. This is why you need to carefully choose the Pay Per Head company to partner with in order to ensure the business security.


It is also important to get players through the subagent. Therefore, you can maintain anonymous and most of the time your players can’t have a clue about who you are. As long as you pay and collect the money on time, this could be a perfect business relationship to keep a low profile.

Pre-paid phone

Besides, it would be another great idea to get a pre-paid “Pay-As-You-Go” mobile phone to separate business and personal life. It’s pretty easy to get a cheap phone like this without being required any personal information to activate the line. In fact, this is a simple method to stay anonymous with the players that you are not familiar with.


VPN is another useful way to guarantee your anonymity on the Internet. In other words, this advanced technology can encrypt all the packets exchanged between your device and the network. Which means that it can hide your true IP location to make you safely unexposed.

Private browser

Here we are recommending a free secure browser named “Tor Project” and you can feel safe to explore the internet with absolute privacy. Actually, it was perfectly designed to hide your identity and online data from government, ISP, hackers or anyone who try to monitor your online activities.

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