How To Take Wagers With The Best Pay Per Head Services

How To Take Wagers With The Best Pay Per Head Services

If you want to learn How To Take Wagers, the first step is to get familiarized with Pay Per Head.


The reason is because a PPH company will provide you with the tools you’ll need to become a professional bookmaker, in no time at all!

And the only job of the PPH Shop is to process the bets of your customers…

Meaning that they don’t handle any deposits at all.

And they actually don’t require the real name of your clients!

So, this privacy factor is something that will really play in your favor when recruiting new players…

Furthermore, these solutions are based on actual usage.

And this means that you’ll only need to pay the PPH company when your clients actually use these PPH services…

How To Take Wagers With These Pay Per Head Solutions

Now, if you work with a PPH Shop, you really won’t need to learn How To Take Wagers…

Instead, the PPH company will process all the bets for you.

So, your job as a bookie will basically be to continue to get new clients on a regular basis.

Now, these are the offshore services you and your players will get access to:

  • Sportsbook Software
  • How To Take Wagers With Your Own Website
  • How To Take Wagers With Call Center Access

Sportsbook Software

Now, before you learn How To Take Wagers with Pay Per Head player tools, let’s check out the bookie software you’ll be using to manage everything.

This is a tool that comes with more than 20 bookmaking reports, allowing you to verify exactly how well your operation is performing versus your clients.

And the info you get is LIVE!

This is amazing because it means that you’ll always know about every single wager that’s being processed for your sports betting operation.

And this can be key to take the best decisions that can save you or make you more cash.

Now, with this sportsbook software, you can also edit all the accounts of your players.

You can set your favorite limits for wagering types, and also for credit limits.

And what’s best is that this is a tool that you can take with you anywhere, because it’s fully mobile!

Needless to say, this is a real advantage for you, because as a top bookmaker, chances are that you’ll always going to be on the run, getting new customers.

How To Take Wagers With Your Own Website

Now it’s time for you to learn How To Take Wagers with a website provided by the PPH company…

If you’re running a small wagering operation, chances are that you can perfectly operate with the standard PPH site, which your clients will be sharing with the players of other agents.

However, if you want to create your own sports betting empire, without any limits, then you can probably use a custom site…

And all this customized website is going to cost you is just a one-time extra fee.

Once you pay this fee, the web developing team from the PPH Shop is going to contact you to see what kind of design you want.

And they can also get you a customized www name… If it’s available, they’ll get it for you.

So, you’re getting a fully personalized site, completely equipped with everything your players need to get their action…

And, you’re not paying any of the expensive overhead costs, which means that you’re really getting a lot of value for your cash.

Furthermore, this custom site will also serve as the perfect marketing tool, allowing you to enhance your image as a top bookmaker in your area.

How To Take Wagers With Call Center Access

It’s now time to learn How To Take Wagers with the help of a call center…

When it comes to Pay Per Head Shops, the best ones are doubtlessly located in Costa Rica…

So, you should definitely work with a PPH company located in this Central American country.

This will allow your players to place bets with professional clerks, who are ready to represent your operation in the best of ways.

And you’ll get your own 1-800 number!

Which means that your clients will be able to place their bets completely free, forever!

And they can call all the time, without any schedules, because this a service that runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Learn This Before You Learn How To Take Wagers

Now, before you learn How To Take Wagers, you should also focus on learning a few other important things that will ultimately make or break your business…

First, learn how to be a great salesman!

This is key, because as a top agent, you should ABC, or Always Be Closing…

So, read all the sales books you can, watch all the tutorials, and even get some personal sales mentors!

The more you get into it, the easier it will be for you to close conversions for your operation…

You should also learn all you can about sports…

Study all the different teams from the top American leagues, including professional and college.

Also, make sure to study the current physical condition of the different players, as this can be crucial to make predictions for your operation (with that said, you’ll get a full lines service from the PPH Shop, so you actually don’t need to worry at all about moving lines yourself).

And last but not least, you should also learn all you can about the different wagering types, and the different payouts. And don’t forget casino games and rules!

If you learn all this, you will definitely get the edge over most agents out there…

Try Everything For Free

Now, you can try all the PPH Shop’s services without paying a single cent!

And the reason is because you’ll get a full free week to test everything and everything.

So, take those free 7 days, and test your bookie software, and also the services for your players.

If you actually get these amazing Pay Per Head solutions, chances are that to learn How To Take Wagers is going to be very easy, and also an amazing experience…

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