Is Cheap Pay Per Head Service Good For Your Business?

It’s totally understandable that people try to save as much money as possible when they just started out a business in order to reduce the cost. In other words, they seek for all kinds of methods to save small and big expenses to keep low investment if they could, and then funnel revenue into only marketing. However, we are not saying that marketing is not important, it is actually the key to the success for the business, but there is also another indispensable element to carefully consider – Pay Per Head Service. To be honest, not everything applies to money saving especially a service that you will rely on all the time. Therefore, you simply ask yourself these questions: “Is cheap Pay Per Head service good for my business? Is it reliable?” In this case, think about the possible consequences and you will understand that cheapness is not always good and Pay Per Head service is not something you should bargain. Let us help you clarify more about this realistic doubt – Is cheap Pay Per Head is good enough for me?

Always remember: You get what you pay for and nothing is free!

Do you think that you actually save more money if you pay for cheaper Pay Per Head service? You are totally fooled because you only get what you paid and there is nothing free to offer! Sadly, this is the ugly truth and let’s see more why we said so with examples.

That is to say, cheap Pay Per Head companies probably didn’t invest much or neither focus on the quality of their service. As a result, you may find yourself unsatisfied receiving any of these poor services as below examples showed instead of getting a full functional package.

  • Unstable network connection and frequent software crashes occurring
  • Very limited software features and tools
  • Few gaming and wager options
  • Customer service with low quality
  • No 24/7 support provided
  • Unstable platform
  • Not compatible with all operating systems or devices
  • Poor software development and website maintenance


So, think well and make the right decision on choosing the correct business partner to work alongside. Believe us! Price Per Head is always your best choice and just join today and we can take a good care of your bookie business!

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