Is It Worth Using The Cheapest Pay Per Head Service?

All the things have different prices on the market and this happens to Pay Per Head services as well. In fact, you can find a lot of options offered with much cheaper price but you should simply think about this question: is it really worth using the cheapest Pay Per Head solution? Remember, low cost deal is not necessarily good for everyone and it may come along with some deficiencies for some reasons. There is nothing wrong with saving money for the investment of your online business; however, we just want to point out some possible concerns for you to carefully make the final decision.

Software instability

The cheaper Pay Per Head providers charge less fees because they usually didn’t invest big on their platform. In other words, the funds collected from their services will also fall short in the software development and maintenance. In short, this would definitely result in the poor quality of software stability and cause frequent system crashes and network failures.

Limited features

Secondly, the cheapest Pay Per Head company will be opting for cheaper equipment. Which means that they can only offer very limited features and betting options to their customers. As a result, you as bookie may find difficult to manage the platform and your players may switch to another betting service since such a poor service is not able to satisfy their needs.

Low quality customer service

Thirdly, when the budgets of investment are short, the cheapest Pay Per Head companies may have the tendency to underpay their employees or even hire non-experts to be the customer support staff. Therefore, the business efficiency will go down and the dissatisfaction from all areas can impact your bookie business badly and cause the money loss.


The cheapest Pay Per Head software could lead to insufficient server capacity and cause many frustration among bookies and players. As a matter of fact, they may use the inferior technology and the system can’t have the capacity to adapt to all the system operations including the mobile devices. Therefore, your reputation could be affected since you are not able to provide what you promised to your customers – a secure and user-friendly betting environment.

Now, think about it over again: is the cheapest Pay Per Head service worth for you bookie business? And you will have your own answer for it.

There is no need to hesitate much and simply join Price Per Head now. You will see that managing your bookie business will become easy peasy!

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

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