Time Is Money! Learn These Tricks To Manage Your Time!

During this Coronavirus pandemic outbreak time, most of people decide to stay at home for their major safety and protection. However, such pandemic has changed our perception of time and staying at home all day long every day even makes us lose the track of time. But life still needs to go on and how we should cope? Allow us to show you some tricks so you can manage your time under quarantine in an efficient and correct way because time is money!


Prioritize the important tasks based on your energy:

After all, there is no one knows better about you than yourself, and you are definitely familiar with the best time when you have more energy to work. Therefore, you should prioritize the important tasks and schedule your calendar to align with your most productive and focused moments. By doing this, you will be able to optimize your overall performance in an effective and comfortable manner.

Pay attention to your fragmented time:

You may think 15 to 30 minutes are just a small block of time and you still have many hours left in a day to spend. However, if you multiplicate several times all these 15-30 minutes, you may realize that you have lost an awful lot of time from a single day that you have done nothing and sadly time won’t come back! Therefore, it is important that you should pay attention on the ratio and frequency of all small fragmented time and make it more productive in your schedule.

Embrace the technology and use the tools:

To embrace the technology doesn’t mean that you need to become a geek. There are so many useful tools (software and applications) that you can use to track your activities in order to manage your time better. For instance, built-in online Google Calendar, Apple Calendar and Outlook Calendar are good options for you to record and program your agenda. In fact, they are specially designed to organize your day-to-day schedule so you are able to set up plans, reminders and even track any details of them easily.

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