More Anonymous You Are, Safer Bookmaking Business You Have

If you are a bookie agent, you should learn how important not to draw much attention in this market and stay anonymous as much as you can. It’s because being a bookie may not be legal in some countries for example. Therefore, you have to be extra careful when you are acquiring new players because these people could be anyone with hidden identity who may get you into the trouble. That’s why we feel it’s necessary to give you some tips to enhance the security of your bookmaking business.

Get subagents or referrals

It will be great if you can find the players who you know personally; however, the faster and better way to grow your business is getting trustful subagents to acquire more players for you or simply through the referrals of your current customers. It’s important to keep a low profile and doing this can make you anonymous. Your players have no clue who you really are and as long as you always pay them or collect the money in a timely manner, there will always be a perfect business relationship.

Monitor the customers

It is very important to always monitor your new players and use smartly the existed feature offered by the Pay Per Head solution. Do you know that you are able to review the IP address of every placed wager? This is for you to check on the reliability of your players and confirm whether their locations are where they said they are from.

Prepare a pre-paid pas as you go phone

It’s a must to get a pre-paid pay as you go phone so you don’t need to reveal your personal data to your players in case they have to contact you. It’s very easy to be acquired at the pharmacies or supermarkets and there is no personal information required to activate the phone online.

Use anonymizer

You can download a free anonymizer called The Tor Project which is specially designed to encrypt and bounce your connection to random servers located all over the world. Therefore, you can successfully hide your identity and any online activities from your local ISP, government entities or any intended party who want to track you.

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

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