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Over/Under Blog: The MLB Game Day Experience

Welcome to a new feature on Price Per Head, The Over/Under Blog!

We’ll tackle weird sports headlines, drop gems from the gambling department, and keep you entertained along the way.

This week’s edition is all about the baseball watching experience.

Over/Under: “All You Can Eat” Seats

You had one job, “all you can eat” seat! One job! Poor Kristopher here took to Twitter to express his frustration (and hunger) with the Diamondbacks’ home opener. I don’t know about you but when I hold a golden ticket to stuff my face to capacity at an event I absolutely don’t eat much beforehand. Entirely possible that I’m on a 20 hour fast. Imagine how hungry you’d be in this situation. That doesn’t even take into consideration the part where he had to pay for the food. Arizona, we cannot possibly go UNDER any further.

Over/Under: Dodger Stadium Goes Back to Walk-Up Ordering

Long waits for concessions at Dodgers Stadium is being pinned on the digital means of ordering. So Los Angeles is turning back the clock and reinstating walk-up ordering for now. This works with the motif of the franchise, whose ballpark is delightfully retroactive. Not to mention the players actually won the World Series last year, another welcomed throwback in Los Angeles. We’re taking the OVER here.

Over/Under: Has Record Opening Day

There’s only 1,440 minutes in single day but when you add up all the minutes of baseball watched on on Opening Day you’ll get over 84,000 days. That’s 230 years worth of baseball watched, a 26% increase from 2020’s Opening Day (according to Front Office Sports). If we’re baseball this is good news and we’re rushing to cook up some graphics celebrating the sheer amount of time spent watching the former national pastime. This one is going OVER.


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