Pay per Head Cheap Services: What are they, how to get them

If you don’t get Pay per Head Cheap services for your sports betting operation, you’re missing on a big opportunity!

Pay per Head Cheap Services: What are they, how to get them
Pay per Head Cheap Services: What are they, how to get them

Are you still writing bets manually on a smartphone notepad?

If that’s the case, that’s a lot of work!

You can let others take all the bets for you, while you get new clients, or just enjoy your free time.

And the only way you can do that is by…


Getting Pay per Head Cheap services from an offshore PPH Shop

You definitely want to get your Pay per Head Cheap solutions from a PPH offshore services provider.

And the reason for this is because you get high-quality bookie software.

And, you don’t get to pay a lot!

So, you should contact a price per head company located in Costa Rica.

This guarantees that you’ll get the best…


Pay per Head Cheap software

This is the sports betting data management solution for you, the bookie.

This Pay per Head Cheap software shows you all the wagering action of your players.

When they place a bet, it will immediately show in your screen.

And you can check the wagering activity of your customers using different reports.

These sportsbook software reports shows you which players are betting a lot, which ones are winning a lot, and which ones are losing a lot.

You can always use that kind of info to increase your profits, and prevent the action of wiseguys.

You can also do everything you want with the accounts of players.

And you can create a new account immediately. Or close one whenever you feel is necessary.

Another thing you can do is to increase wagering and credit limits for each player.

And, you can also move the lines provided by the PPH Shop.
Now, the lines your players get are great as they are. But you should always have the option of moving lines. And you do!

So, for example, you can move a particular line for a VIP player, or even create a brand new line for one; or for all of your players.


Pay per Head Cheap player services

Your customers will also get the kind of Pay per Head Cheap bet-taking solutions they deserve.

This includes:

  • Online betting
  • Online gambling
  • Call center wagering – horses and sports


Online betting

Your players get access to a website where they can place bets using a simple user name and password.

This is great because it means that this service is not only very user-friendly, but also safe.

Indeed, this is a solution that provides a lot of security.

And this factor can help you attract a lot of customers.

Why? Because regular online sportsbooks always ask for credit card info and personal names.

And players really prefer to keep their wagering action as private as possible.

So, when you offer them a solution where they can safely bet all by themselves; without having to compromise their personal information, you really do count an edge over those online bookmaking giants.


Online gambling

Now, when you get Pay per Head Cheap services, you get automatic access to wagering services.

But, you can also get a gambling solution for an extra weekly fee.

This means that by paying an extra every week, your players can get access to the best casino games, including Pay per Head Poker.

And needless to say, this is a solution you definitely should get!

The reason is because it will allow you to cash in on the gaming action of your current players.

And, it will also allow you to start marketing your services not only to bettors, but also to gamblers.

And this can help you expand in a way in which you can get the kind of profits that can make you a successful bookmaker.


Call center wagering – horses and sports

Now, the Pay per Head Cheap price you get, not only includes online services, but also call center access.

This means that your players can make bets all day long over the phone, without paying a single cent.

And, if you consider the fact that many old school players are really fond of getting their action over the phone; then you definitely want the best calling solution.

As explained above, you want to work with a PPH Shop from Costa Rica.

And one of the main reasons is because PPH companies located in this Central American country count with their own modern call centers.

The clerks and customer service personnel at these PPH Shops is also multilingual.

This means that by counting with this solution, you can easily offer your bookie services to people that speaks not only English, but also Chinese and Spanish.


How this Pay per Head Cheap price works

Working with a Costa Rica PPH Shop is great because you can get a Pay per Head Cheap price that’s based on usage.

This is because you only pay for the clients that are active during a given week.

For example, let’s say you’re a bookie with 100 players.

And, in a given week, only 75 out of those 100 placed bets or played casino games.

So, you only pay the weekly fee for those 75 ACTIVE players, and not for the full 100.

In other words: you pay the PPH Shop only when you get paid!


Getting a Pay per Head Cheap trial period

Now, before paying a single cent, make sure to get a trial period.

This is because you want to test out every single service.

This includes your bookie software, and the solutions for your players.

Once you make sure everything’s great, then you can start paying the weekly fee to the PPH Shop.

Now, if you’re dealing with a top PPH company, chance are that you’ll get ONE FREE WEEK.

This is enough so you can test everything, and to request any kind of training or information.

With that said, if you’re really dealing with a top PPH Shop; chances are that its services won’t require any kind of training.

So, the more user-friendly the Pay per Head Cheap solutions, the better.