Pay Per Head For Bookie: The Right Solution For The Smart Agent

Pay Per Head For Bookie: The Right Solution For The Smart Agent

A Pay Per Head For Bookie is exactly what you need to turn your sports betting operation into an automatic money-making machine.

Pay Per Head For Bookie: The Services You Get

Now in our Pay Per Head For Bookie guide, we’re going to talk about the different offshore services you and your players will get access to:

  • Sportsbook software
  • Sports betting and gaming website
  • Call center access

Sportsbook software

When you get a Pay Per Head For Bookie solution, you’ll get access to a tool that allows you to manage everything like a true pro.

This sportsbook software comes with many agent reports, which offers you amazing data related to your operation.

And this is LIVE INFO!

What this means is that you’ll always have the freshest data, allowing you to take the best decisions for your operation at any given time.

Now, when it comes to these bookmaking reports, they are very complex in data, but very user-friendly.

In fact, you won’t require any kind of training at all.

Once you sign up with your favorite PPH company, all you need to do is to login to your bookie software, and start checking all the reports, easily.

And this tool also allows you to keep full control over the activities of your players.

Plus, you always get information related to wiseguy action, so when this unwanted activity is detected, you’ll be informed immediately.

Furthermore, you can set all the limits you want, including limits for wagering amounts, and also limits for sports betting types.

And, this is a tool that’s fully mobile, which means that you can take it with you anywhere you go.

All you need is your smartphone and WiFi, and you’re all set.

Sports betting and gaming website

These Pay Per Head For Bookie solutions also include services for your clients, and the main of these solutions is full access to a website where they can get their action all by themselves.

If you’re running a small wagering operation, you can use the standard PPH website for your clients.

But, if you want to expand as much as possible, then getting your own customized site seems like the best option.

The latter alternative is a site that you can customize with your favorite design, and also your favorite domain name (if it’s available, the PPH will buy it for your site).

And, this is a site that’s going to be exclusive for your own customers!

This basically means that you can get a fully working site for your players, and you avoid to pay for expensive overhead costs, such as hosting.

It’s definitely all to your advantage as a top bookmaker!

And this is a service that’s very private and secure.

The reason is because your players just need access to the internet; and a simple user name and password.

This means that your clients are not required to provide their personal info to the PPH company at any given moment.

And this last factor will definitely help you sign up new clients more easily because bettors love to bet with full privacy and discretion.

Online casino

This online Pay Per Head For Bookie service also includes access to an online casino!

All you need to do is to pay an extra weekly fee, and that will give your players access to the best casino games.

This includes the standard flash games, which your players can play with all by themselves.

And it also includes access to a LIVE CASINO!

This is a casino service where your players can play games with actual live dealers!

This will definitely enhance the experience of your clients; and it will allow you to attract more customers by word of mouth.

Call center access

A Pay Per Head For Bookie solution also includes access to a modern offshore call center.

If you’re working with a top PPH Shop; chances are that this call center is going to be located in Costa Rica.

The reason for this is because Costa Rica is a country where the gambling industry has been flourishing for decades.

And this means that this is a place that’s filled with seasoned wagering and gambling experts.

So, a top PPH shop only hires the best available talent, allowing you to count with a team of skilled individuals who are ready to help you acquire a good reputation, and top your competition at the same time.

Now, this is a service that works with a toll free number.

And guess what: you’ll get a 1-800 number only for your own players!

This is amazing, because it means that you can count not only with your own website; but also with your own toll-free!

And with a 1-800 number, your customers can dial as much as they want; and they’ll never going to be charged a single cent for it.

Plus, this is a service that’s available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year; which means that your clients can place their action at any time of the day, trouble-free.

Learn This Before Getting A Pay Per Head For Bookie Solution

Now, before you actually get a Pay Per Head For Bookie service; you should focus on learning a few key things.

First, you need to focus on learning all you can about all the different important sporting leagues in the world.

This includes the names of the teams, and also the current state of the key players.

With that information, you can always take better decisions; so that you can always keep an edge over your customers.

You can also sit down with a wagering and gambling professional; and learn all you can about the different wagering and gaming types and rules.

This will allow you to check what you actually want to offer your clients; and what you want to avoid for your particular operation.

As you can see, becoming a top agent is not complicated at all, and all you need is the right Pay Per Head For Bookie solution, so sign up with a top PPH company, and get your FREE TRIAL WEEK NOW!

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