Pay Per Head Sportsbook Website And Other Top Bookie Services

Pay Per Head Sportsbook Website And Other Top Bookie Services

A Pay Per Head Sportsbook Website it’s a great alternative to taking manual bets.

It’s a popular choice among top agents, and for good reason!

This is because a website for players is not the only thing you get when you sign up with a top PPH Shop.

You actually get access to a selection of tools that will allow you to run your business from home or on the road, trouble-free.

Pay Per Head Sportsbook Website And The Rest Of The PPH Tools

Now, these are all the tools you get:

  • Bookie software
  • Pay Per Head Sportsbook Website
  • Online casino
  • Call center access

Bookie software

Apart from a Pay Per Head Sportsbook Website, you also get access to bookie software to manage your full operation.

This software comes with all the features you may possibly need to run your business like a pro, and hassle-free.

Plus, this is a tool that’s completely mobile, so this means that you can take it with you wherever you go.

This is great, because you can use your agent software to verify how well your sports betting operation is performing versus your players, at all times.

And you can do this in a very discreet way…

In fact, you can be with anybody, and you can still check what’s going on with your operation in a fast and professional way…

Furthermore, you can easily create new accounts within seconds, which is great when you’re on the road getting new clients…

And this is also a very easy-to-use tool!

So, you won’t need any kind of training to start using it like a true pro…

In fact, all the agent reports were created with simplicity in mind.

So, even though the bookmaking info you get on your screen is complex and professional, it’s displayed in a way that anybody can understand it.

Pay Per Head Sportsbook Website

Now, you also get offshore services for your players, and the main of these is a Pay Per Head Sportsbook Website!

This is a site where your players can get their action all by themselves.

And all they need is a smartphone or laptop, an alias and a password, that’s it!

This means that the PPH company will never request the personal info of your clients.

So, this personal data is always in your hands, and nobody else will ever have access to it.

Needless to say, this is a factor that your players will really appreciate.

And the reason is because bettors and gamblers enjoy getting their action with as much privacy and discretion as possible.

And your clients will get access to the most complete wagering menu!

Plus, you also have the option of creating your own custom lines.

And you can also edit the lines provided by the PPH Shop.

In other words: you can offer a completely customizable sports betting menu that will keep your players happy and satisfied.

Now, you have two site options:

  • Standard site
  • Custom site

Standard site

This Pay Per Head Sportsbook Website is the one that’s used by agents whom are running small wagering operations.

It’s a great option, and your players will love it.

However, if you’re an agent that wants to expand your operation as much as possible, then you definitely need your own…

Custom site

This Pay Per Head Sportsbook Website is going to be available ONLY FOR YOUR OWN PLAYERS!

And all you need to do to get it is to pay a ONE-TIME EXTRA FEE!

Once you do it, the PPH Shop’s web development team will sit down with you, so that you can explain to them how you want your site to look and feel.

You not only can pick your favorite design, but custom options go beyond that: you can also pick your favorite domain name!

Yes, you can let the PPH company know what your favorite domain name is, and if it’s available, they’ll buy it, and assign it to your site.

So, you’re getting a fully working website for your clients, and none of the expensive overhead costs, such as paying for hosting plans, etc.

In other words: This is a service that has been created to favor you, the agent, 100%

Online casino

Now, for an extra weekly fee, your Pay Per Head Sportsbook Website can also include access to an online casino!

And the profits you’ll be making with this service are going to be so good; that you won’t even notice the small extra fee you need to pay for it…

This is a full casino!

And this means that your clients get access to the most popular games.

Plus, your customers can choose to play the popular flash games; or they can also play with live dealers!

Yes, this is a service that allows your clients to play with actual dealers; making their experience more alive and real.

And this is really an asset you want to count with, because it will make your business more attractive to the eyes of new clients.

Call center access

Apart from a Pay Per Head Sportsbook Website, your players also have the option of using a toll free number to get their action over the phone, COMPLETELY FREE!

And this is a toll free number that’s going to be available only for your own players!

You can pick your favorite 1-800, and if it’s available; the PPH company will get it for you.

Plus, this is a multilingual service!

And this means that you can offer your bookie solutions to people that speak English, Chinese, and Spanish.

Try Everything Risk-Free

Now, you can try your Pay Per Head Sportsbook Website and the rest of the PPH service completely free of charge.

This is because the PPH Shop will give you a full free week so that you can test everything and everything.

So, you can use that week to test your bookie software. Test all the reports, and see how it feels from your agent’s perspective.

And then, go ahead and create a player account, and get some wagering and gambling action.

If everything feels right, then you can feel free to sign up with your favorite Pay Per Head Sportsbook Website provider, long-term.

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