How does pay per head work?

If you’re a bookie, getting information on Pay per Head Wagering is just what you need.

Pay per Head Wagering: How PPH Works for the Bookie
Pay per Head Wagering: How PPH Works for the Bookie

This is because a PPH offshore services company can help you become successful with your sports betting and gaming operation.

And, all it takes is an affordable weekly price per head fee that is based on actual usage.


Pay per Head Wagering: How PPH Actually Works

Pay per Head Wagering is related to managing the betting and gambling action data from players.

Old school bookies were forced to write wagers from customers on papers; and then add the information for each piece of action on a spreadsheet to keep track of everything.

Needless to say, this was not only a boring, tiresome job; but also a dangerous one; because the full business of the agent depended on a physical spreadsheet.

Pay per head really changed the game in this sense.

This is because when a bookie signs up with a PPH Shop, he gets access to sportsbook software.

This is a data management tool that includes all the information related to the sports betting and gaming operation of the bookmaker.

So, by using this bookie software, the agent can easily check the wagering and gambling data related to the action of his players; and what’s better, he can do it in real-time.

And, such action takes place either online, on a website provided by the PPH Shop.

Or through the phone, using the offshore call center services of the pay per head company.


What is a Pay per Head Shop?

A pay per head shop is a busines that is located in another country; and is made up of individuals with extensive knowledge of the sports betting and gaming industries.

The personnel from a PPH includes:


These are the guys that are in charge of the full PPH operation. They can run things seamlessly because they count with the required experience and skills.

Sports and horse betting clerks:

These individuals have been carefully trained to provide courteous, professional, and fast bet-processing services.

Customer service representatives:

When either the bookie or his players are not happy with something; they can contact a service rep to get quick and fast attention. The price per head shop is not at all involved in the collections area of the operation; so players should not ask this type of requests.

Technical personnel:

This is the technical staff. The ones that keep the full internet and communications infrastructure running smoothly.


The pay per head shop is able to provide players with an extensive Pay per Head Wagering menu; and other modern solutions, such as in-game betting.

And players  can bet as much as they want to; as the service runs non-stop, year-round. This is indeed a great advantage for the bookie.

This means that once the bookie signs up with a price per head shop; he won’t have to get in touch with his players, except when necessary.

And, all the data related to the action of players is collected automatically; and presented to the bookie in the form of sportsbook software reports.

What’s also really good is that the bookie always has full control over his players.

This means that he’s able to do things like setting limits for the sportsbook and the casino; for all, or for individual player. And also open or close accounts at will. Among many other things.


What’s Great About Pay per Head Wagering

We can start by saying that Pay per Head Wagering is great because there is zero exposure for the bookmaking agent!

Another thing that’s great is that players can bet online without getting their personal information compromised; as it’s often the case with regular sportsbooks.

And, what’s best is that at the end of the day, the bookie is able to collect his winnings without taking a single bet himself.


How Much It Costs

When a bookie signs up with a PPH Shop to get Pay per Head Wagering services; he agrees to pay the price per head company a fixed weekly fee per player.

Now, there is a price for standard services; and then there is another price for a solutions pack that includes access to an online casino.

Although this is still a very affordable extra; it’s important to point out that this service is not part of the standard package of services.

And, it really doesn’t matter if a player bets 5 games or 100 games, because the weekly fee remains the same for unlimited action.


The Job of the Bookie

The Pay per Head Wagering shop covers the data management area of the sports betting and gaming business; so there are only two jobs remaining for the bookie to perform:

  • Getting new clients
  • Paying and collecting from players


Getting new clients

The bookie wants to get as many new clients as possible; and this is because unstable customers makes up for a good portion of his bookmaking and wagering portfolio.

These unstable players will play with the bookie and leave for a variety of reasons; so the agent needs to always look for new prospects to cover for the lost action of former clients.


Paying and collecting from players

The bookie wants to always pay his players on time.

Not only because they will leave to play somewhere else if he does otherwise; but also because they can spread the negative word of mouth about the business of the bookmaking agent.

With that said, it is also great for the bookmaker when he’s able to collect his winnings!


Using Sub-Agents

Now, if the bookie don’t want to get new clients or do the collections himself; the agent can hire sub-agents to do this work for him.

This means that by working with a price per head company; and using the services of sub-agents; the top bookmaker can avoid much of the work involved with his operation.

And, thanks to such Pay per Head Wagering services; he can also enjoy all of the benefits of his sports betting and gaming business.