What Are Possible Reasons That Players Stop Betting With You?

We know that you have been working hard on building your bookmaking business; however, things are probably not going smoothly as you thought. Now, it’s time to make a self-check and ask yourself, what are the possible reasons that my players stop betting with me? Here are some useful questions provided to guide you to find the roots of problem to solve.

1. Does your pay per head provider perform as expected?

Choosing a correct Pay Per Head company to support your business is just as important as selecting a partner to marry with. In other words, a wrong-chosen pay per head service can do more harm to your business than good. Therefore, you should pay more attention on the features that they offer to the customers.

2. So, what should a good Pay Per Head service guarantee?

Your Pay Per Head provide should at least guarantee the following aspects in order to ensure the good operation of your bookie business:

  • A quick loading and stable website
  • 99.99% up times
  • Fast and accurate gradings for all the betting games / events
  • On-time posting of lines
  • User friendly interface
  • Compatible with all kinds of devices
  • Customer service with experienced staff
  • Great variety and types of betting options

3. Do your players feel satisfied with your service?

Another important question that you need to think about is whether your players feel satisfied with your service? Because they can be dissatisfied if they do not get paid full on time when they win the wagers. Moreover, your players can also feel displeased if they don’t receive a proper customer support. And after all, such bad payment logistics and unqualified customer service could cause a horrible user experience and make your players leave the site and stop betting with you.

4. Then, what should be considered a qualified customer service provided by your Pay Per Head Provider?

Actually, the customer support should not only work to assist bookie agents but also help on enhancing their players’ betting experience. Here are some value-added points that definitely are needed for customer retention.

  • Fulfill each customer’s needs 24/7
  • Correctly and politely relay messages between bookie agents and players
  • Properly take the wagers and place the lines over the phone or chat
  • Quickly resolve any technical issues in real time

5. Finally, are you offering enough to your players?

A well-offered promotion is a nice way to attract your players to continue betting with you. Besides, providing different payment methods for customers’ convenience can also be a factor to affect your bookie business. And finally, offering a wide range of wager types and complete betting selections such as Sportsbook, Racebook, Online Casino, Live betting and Box Pools can maintain your player entertained all the time even in the low season.

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