Possible Risks Of Choosing Wrong Pay Per Head Service

We have been talking about tons of Pay Per Head choices existed in this current gambling industry. If you type in the key words “pay per head” in any search engine, you will find hundreds and hundreds of results about it. And these Pay Per Head companies could offer their services ranging from approximately $15 to as low as $5 and even giving away 1 to 6 weeks of free trial. As you already know that cheaper Pay Per Head is not necessarily the best option for bookie business, we want to emphasize how important choosing the Pay Per Head service is. Here are some possible risks that you might face if you choose the wrong Pay Per Head service and it could even cost you your business!

Setting up the wrong line

As a bookie, you should know the way how you set up the lines could cause a great impact on your business. After acquiring the Pay Per Head service, their line managers will help you set up the lines to make your job easier. However, wrong per head company may hire unskillful and incompetent line managers to monitor your odds. Which will become the first risk you may have and lose a serious amount of money because of its inefficiency.

Unstable platform

The second possible risk that you may find is an unstable platform. This is because a bad Pay Per Head didn’t invest good enough on their hardware or software; as a result, their platform couldn’t handle a surge in traffic when there are big games. In other words, frequent system crashes may happen and your players will lose the patience with your website and then leave your book. 

No security protection

A top-rated Pay Per Head provider like Price Per Head uses the most advanced technology and software to protect their customers’ data. Therefore, their clients can have the peace of mind because the entire network is secured by the advanced firewall and DDoS protection. On the other hand, cheaper Pay Per Head service couldn’t afford paying such costly features which may cause many network vulnerabilities and endanger both you and your players’ cybersecurity. Unfortunately, accounts could be hacked and all the important data might be stolen, and then you can even lose your business because of the loss of clients.

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay