How To Recognize And Avoid Weak Passwords

Last time we talked about how to create the stronger passwords. This time we want to cover the opposite part about avoiding the weak passwords. Sometimes people may choose the lazy short cut and use the easy-to-remember passwords instead of a good one. Even use the same password for all the accounts they signed up within any websites or services. In order to increase your online security, you should do the best from your part and start with getting rid of bad passwords.

Here is the list of components that you better try to avoid when creating the passwords:

  • Names of family members, friends, pets or even your own name.
  • Personal identifiable information which can be obtained easily such as: birthdays, phone numbers, addresses, social security numbers, license plate number, mail box, etc.
  • Repeating characters like “AAAAAA”.
  • Consecutive letters, numbers or keyboard keys such as “abcdefgh”, “12345678” or “asdfghjk”.
  • Dictionary words in any language for example “applaud applause apple”.
  • A common combination of words, such as “orangejuice”.
  • A simple phrase like “ilovemyfamily”.
  • Obvious replacement characters, such as “d00r” or ”fav0rit3”.
  • Involving any part of the username.
  • Any of the mentioned above in reverse.
  • Blank password.
  • Minimal characters which are 6 characters or less.

Besides of avoiding all these examples mentioned above, there are some tips for you to take into consideration. Then you’ll be able to increase the level of security for your personal data.

  • Do not write down your passwords and don’t even think about doing it on a sticky Post-it notes and leave it somewhere around the computer.
  • Do not store your passwords in a text file that is easy to find such as PC desktop or even on company intranet.
  • Do not share your passwords with other individuals no matter whatever reason.
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