Remain Anonymous While Navigating On The Internet

Nowadays, online privacy becomes extremely insecure because personal data and identities can be stolen or hijacked anytime. Besides, it’s certain that nobody like to be monitored on their activities or have their private information being stolen. Therefore, it becomes highly important to remain anonymous while navigating on Internet in order to prevent data leaking.

How to navigate anonymously on Internet?

Anonymous navigation can be done by the usage of anonymizers, which are relays for all online communications that connect you to the destined web address. Anonymizers are commonly known as proxies, VPNs or any other online anonymity enhancingservices. Those are the services which you can rely on to help you conceal your identity on the internet.

Proxy Server:

Proxy servers are the relays between your system and the host server. All exchanged requests between the internet and your device pass through a remote machine used to connect to the host server. Therefore, the users made to hide their true IP because it will appear the IP location of the proxy server where the remote machine provides. However, there are some points that you have to know about proxies as well:

  • Proxies do not guarantee the access to all kinds of websites. Country restrictions are still the issue for some websites which are blocked, for example: China.
  • Although someone who intends to track your activities cannot peek at your information anymore, the proxy server can! It is really important to verify if the used proxy server is secure and appears with “HTTPS” URL.
  • Proxies are normally with no additional cost to use since they just provide a relay; however, they do not encrypt the traffic between user’s device and the internet.


Another technique to navigate anonymously on the internet is using a VPN. VPN connects the user to the internet by means of an encrypted tunnel. So your IP address appears to others would be the location of the country-wide or even world-wide VPN server that you choose. Unlike proxy servers, VPN can encrypt all the packets exchanged between your computing device and the network. Therefore, VPN can not only hide your true IP address, but also benefit you from the security, functionality and privacy.

Anonymous web browsers:

Tor Network is one of the famous privacy networks that was designed to hide where the traffic been requested from. It can make harder to detect whether your computer initiated the connection because it routes your traffic through different nodes. Or it can simply be performing as a relay that encrypts traffic to a different Tor node.

There are too many threats that could cause your private info being exposed while you are navigating on the internet. And this could happen on you anytime that any tiny piece of your personal data can be stolen or exploited without your notice or permission. Due to this fact, we strongly encourage you to use a combined anonymity services to protect your own online security and privacy.

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

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