What Kinds Of Reports You Can Take Advantage From Price Per Head?

Congratulations that you have chosen the best Pay Per Head solution for your bookie business! We offer the best bookie software on the market and an amazing support team of professional experts with more than 20 years of experience in the industry. Besides, we can assure you that there is no better software tool with all the complete features like ours in existence. Moreover, Price Per Head not only provides the customizable tool that you can have to monitor and control your players’ accounts, but also supplies a tons of useful reports for you to analyze your business. Now it’s time to learn more about what kinds of reports you can take advantage from


You can control the weekly House figures by comparing agents and agents vs. players’ weekly figures.


You can find the list of players or sub-agents for management which allows you to edit any profile information or even configure their accounts.

Line and Exposure:

This report shows live lines and the current monetary exposure of each game you have. In addition, it also shows side by side, totals, money lines and propositions together with the detailed description for each line of game.

Real Time Betting:

It is the feature for agents to review all betting actions in real time and it’s also customizable for refresh time, bet history and wager detailing.

Open Bets:

This option would demonstrate all the pending plays of all your active players and it can be filtered by sport, type of bet or player name for better result.


History is designed to display the detailed betting activities from your current players such as wager types, date, amount, result and via phone or Internet while your player placed the bets.


This option will display each of your player’s credit limit, amount wagered for the week, wagers at risk, current balance and won/lost in all games.

Cash Flow:

This report provides the information about players’ cash transactions and it’s displayed by player, placed date, method, reference, transaction description and amount. Actually, it is commonly used for receipts, disbursements and cash transfers.

Hold Percentage:

This report displays the gross amount made by the agent from his/her players or sub-agents. Besides, it provides the percentage made from the players action with detailed information included like wager types, amount, win/loss for the week and hold percentage for the agent.

Hold Percentage by Player:

This report is very similar to the Hold Percentage but displays the specific amount of predetermined players. In fact, such feature is useful to monitor the action on any number of specific players.

Agent Position:

This feature reports the monetary exposure you have on all the games on board for the week.

Position by Game:

This report is very similar to the Agent Position but will display the wager types, amount and players on action from the specific chosen game.

Handle Setup:

This option allows you to give your players and sub-agents a kickback or a percentage of their losses on a weekly basis. In addition, it is customizable for you to set up the percentage to any specific player or sub-agent that you want to return over their overall action.


This report will show the detailed corresponding percentage that each of your players and sub-agents receives on a weekly basis, broken down for you on a daily basis.

Agent Exposure by Game:

This feature allows the agent to check on the total amount of action per game on a per wager basis and also shows the game, the type, the time and amount that your players wagered.

Action by Player:

This option will fully show the amount of actions taken by your players on a weekly basis, a breakdown of the type and amount of the wagers placed by the player, and also any casino or horse action along with the outcome for that week.   

Player Totals:

This report detailly presents the totals on a weekly basis for all your players on the pending and graded wagers along with the losses for the week, and also the current and net balance shown for the players account.

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